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Reckless Behavior The Series (RBTS) is a new digital series created by Michaela P. Shelton. The web series will share the story of Michaela Holloway, a post college black millennial and aspiring writer, who navigates through life attempting to find herself and avoid reckless behavior.

The purpose of this web series is to create something for us and by us that promotes the beauty and culture of the Bay Area. Its dual purpose is to bring to life the Reckless Behavior blog series that was created by Shelton four years ago.


Reckless Behavior The Series [S.1, Ep.1: Reckless Temptations]

A nice day in Alameda quickly goes left when Michaela is on the verge of a breakdown and Benjamin makes an irrational decision.


Reckless Behavior The Series [S.1, Ep.2: Reckless Squad]

Everyone meets at Michaela’s house to hear about her run in with Bay Area rapper Beejus.


Reckless Behavior The Series [S.1, Ep.3: Reckless Turn Up]

The Culture Junkies party is lit until a problematic guest makes his presence known.


Reckless Behavior The Series [S.1, Ep.4: Reckless Family]

Michaela and Jeremiah enjoy lunch at Scend’s until there is an unpleasant surprise. The truth comes to light when Michaela meets up with her siblings.


Reckless Behavior The Series [S.1, Ep.5: Reckless Confusion]

Michaela turns to online dating after a heated encounter with Damien.


Reckless Behavior The Series [S.1, Ep.6: Reckless Endings]

A kickback at Michaela’s house quickly turns into a hostile environment


Reckless Behavior The Series [S.1, Ep.7: Reckless Love]

Benjamin, Jeremiah and Jay voice their concerns about Damien. Michaela finds herself in a love triangle as Damien and Jaleel fight for her affection.


Reckless Behavior The Series [S.1, Ep.8: Reckless Discovery]

Things comes to a head between Michaela and her roommate Tamika in the explosive season finale.