#10 Year Challenge

I’m changing so much.

So I’ve been reading about self compassion and the pros because there’s absolutely no cons to the newfound self appreciation.

Now what l have learned about self compassion is it’s much different than self-esteem. Self-esteem is something our ego likes to control in order to validate ourselves. Or simpler, it’s just how we feel about ourselves.

Self Compassion is the love we can provide ourselves when we make mistakes. When we bump our head and fall off the wagon and when we don’t hold ourselves to our own morals and values. When we do something that we know we had no business doing, but we did it anyway.

Self compassion still allows us to hold ourselves in a loving manner and to give ourselves the love that maybe we never had, to soothe ourselves in ways that we need the most while going through some of our darkest times.

Now this is not to be confused with condoning toxic or distasteful behavior. Self compassion allows us to self reflect and doesn’t allow us to beat ourselves up when we make a mistake. Without self reflection it’s just self-esteem, but when you add self reflection, now you’ve come to a place of self compassion.



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