Blood Diamond

Photo By: Akilah York

Black History Month is triggering.

This is the one time a year that you see top notch brands finding ways to make their non-inclusive selves all inclusive.

It’s hurtful and sad as hell.

They think that if they use an image of a Black person or an African print they’re paying mad respect to the culture.

Or if they say POC instead of just saying Black, they’re somehow being more inclusive.

I hate the term People Of Color.

Call us Black God Damn It!!

I am not your person of color bitch… I’m Black… Nigga!

My culture is copied and paraded for profit to the highest bidder and at any moment I could die just by the color of my skin.

I’m a motherfucking prize, Bitch.

What other culture or population of people do you know like mine?

(All the colorful ones, I tell ‘ya that!)

A culture and population that is so hated, so suppressed, it’s so robbed, so fucked royally raw and still shines.

We are Blood Diamonds


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