Black & White

You know what?… I bet you the only culture or population of people who are not afraid to be unapologetically themselves are white people. Like have you ever really thought about that? Because when I think about it I am terrified. Terrified to be Black in front of Black people because my blackness might not … More Black & White

The N Word

I can say Nigga. I can say Nigga and still demand respect. I can say My Nigga, My Nigga and still be simply me. I’ve decided that I can say Nigga, just like every white person can hide behind their skin. It’s just the privilege we’re born with.

Blood Diamond

Black History Month is triggering. This is the one time a year that you see top notch brands finding ways to make their non-inclusive selves all inclusive. It’s hurtful and sad as hell. They think that if they use an image of a Black person or an African print they’re paying mad respect to the … More Blood Diamond

All Skinfolk Ain’t…

Current events have led me to dissect the well known quote “All my skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.” This quote, which was said by my Triumphant Soror Zora Neale Hurston, means that someone can inhabit a black body and be an agent of white supremacy. Because of the ongoing pandemic, people around the world have been forced … More All Skinfolk Ain’t…