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Why it benefits MEN to give WOMEN head

Chileeeeee. I was on FaceTime with one of my good girlfriends having a Rona happy hour, and we got to talking about what separates the boys from the men. She a whollllllle therapist honey, so she starting talking about emotional openness and communication skills like the educated woman that she is. BUT ME? I haddd… Continue reading Why it benefits MEN to give WOMEN head


RTR: Should Of Kept My Legs Closed

When I met Alex I was not impressed. He was SUPER corny and everything that came out his mouth annoyed me. I didn’t understand how any woman would be interested in him. He was a cool person, but he was young and had A LOT of maturing to do. My junior year of college we… Continue reading RTR: Should Of Kept My Legs Closed

My Life Be Like

The Misconceptions Between the “Baby Mama” and “Baby Daddy”

Being a mother, I have experienced my fair share of issues. Me and my older children’s father were young and still children ourselves when we had our kids. So many fights, disagreements on parenting styles and then the family. LORD the family feuds back and forth. Until one day I gave up! I told myself… Continue reading The Misconceptions Between the “Baby Mama” and “Baby Daddy”


Things I’ve Learned in 2017

Hey, We are only a quarter through this year and I have already learned so much about myself and others. I know that 2017 is nowhere near over, but I am happy I have more wisdom to help me get through it. Hope some of the things I’ve learned are beneficial to you as well!… Continue reading Things I’ve Learned in 2017


#NoFeelings Movement 

Hey guys, I am currently on my way to Vegas! I am happy, because this is the perfect beginning to my #NoFeelings movement. I am always so emotional about everything but I am really ready to just not care about anything. Why should I? Most of the time when I am upset or frustrated no… Continue reading #NoFeelings Movement 


The Struggle of being a Tidsoptimist

Hey guys! Today was a long day. I worked, and now I am at home relaxing. I can't believe it's only Wednsday. I feel like this has been a long week haha. I have no idea why. Today I was reprimanded for being late to work. If you know me you know that I am… Continue reading The Struggle of being a Tidsoptimist