Things I’ve Learned in 2017


We are only a quarter through this year and I have already learned so much about myself and others. I know that 2017 is nowhere near over, but I am happy I have more wisdom to help me get through it. Hope some of the things I’ve learned are beneficial to you as well!

1.  It’s better to be ALONE than to SETTLE for less

2.  Never be GULLIBLE or NAÏVE

3.  FULL TIME JOB is hard to come by, so don’t let one go

4. Buying a NEW CAR is a pain

5.  People will tell you what you want to hear to get what they WANT

6. Good make up is EXPENSIVE

7.  Having your PRIORITIES in order is the most important

8.  Life is too short to hold GRUDGES

9.  Stand up for yourself ALWAYS

10. Be SPONTANEOUS, because tomorrow is not promised

11. Never let anyone BORROW money ever

12.  More expensive clothes/ things will last LONGER

13. TRAVELING is the best thing ever

14. Be COGNIZANT of what you put online, because once it’s posted it’s out there

15.  Drinking WATER makes everything better… hair, skin, EVERYTHING

16. LOOKS aren’t everything

17. Manis and pedis are the PERFECT pick me up

18.  Being SELF AWARE is the best thing you can ever be

19.  Focusing on changing one thing at a time instead of multiple things will lead to a higher SUCCESS rate

20. You can’t make anyone CHANGE they have to want it.


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