#NoFeelings Movement 

Hey guys,

I am currently on my way to Vegas! I am happy, because this is the perfect beginning to my #NoFeelings movement. I am always so emotional about everything but I am really ready to just not care about anything. Why should I? Most of the time when I am upset or frustrated no one else is so it’s time to adapt that #NoFeelings mentality.

I am in a good place right now. I know who all my real friends are, I’m not dating or talking to anyone and I’m happy with my jobs. Therefore, I have no reason to be upset or sad about anything. Life is way to short to get upset about the things I do. I feel like I am more mature than I have ever been. Therefore, I should be able to not trip off small things. I want to be as feeling-less as dudes are. 

Recently I saw the story about #UberBae. I really don’t see how dudes will lay up with a female, spend all this money on her, say they “love her” and still be dogging her. Like how do you care but not care? I wish I was a dude so I could be like that LOL. I mean not to dog people, but to really just not get attached and care like I do. When people leave my life it’s honestly sooo depressing. I hate losing people even if I haven’t known them for long. 

But those days are over! I’m done caring about people and situations that do not deserve the blink of an eye. My focus in April will be simply not caring and focusing on me and relevant things and individuals. Everytime I try to do this I fail LOL. I am simply just too much of an emotional being. I can never not get attached to people and I can never not get stressed out over little things. When I make a mistake at work I literally cry and think about it for the whole day. But not anymore! Trying to be perfect has gave me nothing but sleepless nights and stressed out days. Therefore I am team #NoFeelings. 


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