The Struggle of being a Tidsoptimist

Hey guys!

Today was a long day. I worked, and now I am at home relaxing. I can’t believe it’s only Wednsday. I feel like this has been a long week haha. I have no idea why. Today I was reprimanded for being late to work. If you know me you know that I am late EVERYWHERE I go. I am trying so hard to work on this trait. I am one of those people who feels like I have more time than I do in reality. I found a word for it! It is called a tidsoptimist.

I wonder who else is like me lol. I have been trying to change, but me being late is really inevitable. I’ll set my alarm for super early and even then I’ll mentally think “I have plenty of time” and be late yet again.

The fact that I am always tardy is becoming stressful. I feel like I am going to loss out on a great opportunity or get fired one day, because being late is so unprofessional. Ever single job I have had (I have had like 7 jobs) has always said “you’re a great worker and you get everything done, but we have one concern.” I just look down when they mention that concern, because I already know it’s my tardiness. So at this point I need suggestions! How can I make sure I am on time to places?! Because honestly it isn’t just work. I am late to school, to kick it, to church to everywhere! I am too old to be lying and making excuses to why I couldn’t get to a place on time. I have used so many excuses I am out of them:

“There was an accident on the freeway”
“My car wouldn’t start”
“I had a family emergency”
“My dog ran away” (I have never had a dog before)

I am mature enough to admit that I need to change. I am never more than 10 minutes late to a place so I try to justify it by saying “Oh it’s only ten minutes.” But I am starting to realize that on time is late and early is on time. At this point I will start off by aiming to be ten minutes early wherever I go. I wanted to aim for thirty minutes, but I know me and that is not going to happen. Baby steps.

What is extremely hard is if I have to be somewhere early (before 11AM). I am DEFINETELY not a morning person. I lay out my clothes, get my lunch and do my hair the night before and no matter what I am still late. This is because my thought process is “Oh I only need ten min to get ready I did everything the night before,” and this leads to me rushing. Then I forget something imperative like my cellphone, lip-gloss or edge control and I have to go back into the house. It is a shame that I know what my worst quality is and I’ve failed to fix it my entire life. I think this is because I come from a family full of tidsoptimists. Growing up in a family of four, we were never on time anywhere. However, I want to break this cycle and prove to everyone that change is possible.

Although some people may think tardiness is not a big issue, it really is. This behavior may fly throughout high school and maybe even college, but once you get into the real world there can be serious ramifications in your life due to your inability to be punctual.




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