I Swear, I am NEVER Drinking Again

“I’m never drinking again.”

That’s the statement many people make after a sick hungover day/ night of alcohol consumption. However, most people who say this are being dramatic and probably going to be drinking the weekend that is approaching. Why do people end up in these situations? In my opinion, it happens for various reasons. I personally have a problem with knowing my limit. I don’t drink often, but most of the time I end up sick and I regret it. Also, most of the time I drink I do not eat before or drink water (if you have read my previous blog you are well aware I consider water the devil lol).

I am now starting to examine why so many of us get hangovers and make that declaration of how we are “never” drinking again.
My main reasoning is peer pressure. Either your friends are verbally telling you you need to drink more or you see them drinking more and you feel like you need to. People STOP DOING THIS! It is stupid and uneccesary.  Most of the time these ppl telling you to drink more are not going to take care of you when you get sick and might even laugh at you because you can’t “handle your liquor.” If you know you are feeling the alcohol and you are on a good level just stop, regardless of what other people are doing. The feeling the next day truly isn’t worth it, so be strong  enough to resist peer pressure.
Emotions is another reason I feel people end up with these hungover days. People stop using alcohol to deal with problems in your life. Drinking because you are depressed or angry does not always help the situation it usually makes it worse. Now I understand some wine after a long day to relax, but drinking hard liquor is a bad idea. Then again, everyone’s body is different. I just suggest finding other coping mechanisms.

Excessive drinking can lead to dangerous situations such as alcohol poisoning, rape, fights and  sometimes even death. That’s why I want everyone to make smart decisions when drinking or doing any drug for that matter (although abstaining from all of the above would be the most beneficial to your health and life). You can drink just drink in moderation, have a designated driver and don’t do it because other people are pressuring you. I did not really start drinking alcohol until around age 22 (I’m 23) and some incidents that have happened I wish I could take back and it’s only been around two years! But just be smart and aware of your surroundings and drinking can be a pleasurable experience and not a disaster.


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