Lacey’s Tale: Bye Wig

The year was 2018, I was 22, and my friend was having a lingerie party for her birthday. She talked to this guy who lived on communication hill, and his dad, brother, and cousin all lived around the corner. So obviously, all of them were at the party as well. This was not the first … More Lacey’s Tale: Bye Wig

Foreplay IS Sex

Why do we only call something sex once there has been an insertion of a penis into a vagina? We know and understand how this removes non-heterosexuality from a discussion; however, I never thought how limiting “sex” to penetration was damaging to heterosexual women or why.  As always, these are my personal opinions and have … More Foreplay IS Sex

Quarantine Pussy

With the current state of the world and the pervasive devaluing of black bodies, I need vitamin D. Its like, no matter what we do or how we protest, its a problem for the WYPIPO. And just so we’re clear, vitamin D isn’t sunlight or orange juice. I’m talking flesh, girth, stroke, pleasure. Sex is … More Quarantine Pussy