Lacey’s Tale: Bye Wig

The year was 2018, I was 22, and my friend was having a lingerie party for her birthday. She talked to this guy who lived on communication hill, and his dad, brother, and cousin all lived around the corner. So obviously, all of them were at the party as well. This was not the first time we’d been around any of them, so it wasn’t an issue. The first time I met the guys, we ubered to Pure in Sunnyvale and met her dude, his brother, and cousin there. The promoter walked us to our section and then we got the night started. The cousin was playing it pretty cool, he sat on the other side, looked my way every now and then, but let his intent be known at the same time. On the car ride back, he really started pressing his issue. And me being me, lit lacey, I was flirting back. But he was unattractive, and it was just entertainment for me. We got back to the house and I made it clear I was there to smoke weed and go to bed. By the time the lingerie party came around, we’d clubbed together six-plus times, and I thought he’d given up.

We walk into the house the night of the party around 11pm, and there are like 10 handles of Henny, 5 of Patron, the whole Chipotle store, and zips on top of zips. Mind you, there are maybe twenty people there. The brother rolls me my own blunt, hands it to me, I face it, and then devour enough food for a football team. So now, with my stomach full, I’m throwing back Henny shots left and right. Around 3am we start playing these sex games, and the cousin talking some talk I really like. My friend pulls me to the side and tells me, “girl, I’ve seen him walking around the house in grey sweats, Nike, just do it.” I don’t pay her no mind.

A few minutes later, I’m in the corner chilling because my social battery is timing out. The cousin comes to sit next to me and asks If I wanna play pool with him. Niggas know I can’t play no pool, but I’m faded and bored, so I go. He gets behind me, and he’s “teaching me,” and then I feel it for myself. First, I feel it on my butt, and then he grabs my hand, whispers in my ear, and asks if I wanna touch it. And I do, so I do. This man is rock hard and starts kissing my neck. Yeaaa, hennything is possible at that point.

We walk out of the pool room, and my friend complains that all the liquor is gone. The cousin says he has a bottle in his room and asks if I wanna go get it with him. I put on some slides, tie my robe up, and walk around the corner with him to the other house. The second we close the door, this man picks me up and carries me up the stairs. I’m laying on the bed like I’m really about to bust it for an ugly man. He puts some music on, takes my clothes off, takes his clothes off, and just stares at me. Cuz was ugly, but the body was giving what needed to be given. He gets on top of me and starts drilling me. This man was in my shit like it was a playground, having the time of his life. I’m loud as hell, so he starts choking me. My head is damn near sunk into the pillow, and I can feel the got to be glue start slipping off my forehead. Each stroke, I feel my wig sliding further and further off my face. Before I knew it, my wig was off. You know what this man did? Flipped me over, threw the wig, and kept going. I was amazed.

We walked back to the party because I had to let my friends see that I was ok. Almost everyone was knocked out or had left, so I went back to the other place with the cousin. The next day we walked back to the main house and up to the master bedroom. My friend starts dying laughing. My wig was a hot ass mess, and you could smell the sex seeping through my pores. Her hoe ass was so happy I gave that man some. We stood on the balcony me, her, her dude, the cousin, the brother, and some random girl he invited, just smoking and chilling. I pulled the cousin into the house and asked him, “Last night, why didn’t you stop?” This a whole 30-year-old man, so he starts laughing. “I’m grown,” he said. “And, I’ve seen you enough times to know what you really look like.” He started to get finer and finer by the minute.


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