Living Single 2020: 8 Reasons to Stay Single this Year


Being single allows you to stack up your money and secure the bag.  There’s nothing worse than running into financial issues with your partner, however, when you are single, you are not obligated to share the wealth and you can spend or stack your money freely.  The only adult who gets to enjoy all the perks of your income is yourself!!  You also get the opportunity to challenge yourself and see how much money of your own you can save up to do the things you enjoy. 

2. DATING!! (date around to see what you really like without the pressure of commitment)

Why not get to know who and what you like without the pressure to commit? Explore your options with no shame.  Remember just because you haven’t found THE ONE, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough for anyone.  Get excited about letting people see what you have to offer and recognize that you are a catch, until you meet your match! 

3.SELF WORTH! (find yourself) 

Get in tune with yourself while you’re single!  Use this time to dig deep and recognize you’re true self.  Who you really are, what you deserve, what you really need from your future partner to maintain a healthy relationship.  This way, when you do get into a relationship, there will be little to no room for you to settle on someone who doesn’t value YOU!


Let’s be honest, being single is one less thing to stress about! Not having to worry about someone else or their feelings.  What is there to stress about if there is no pressure on you having to meet someones expectations just to be loved properly? 


Not having to split holidays, less money being spent on another family, and not having to fake or feel obligated to fit in. 


Not having to share your space with anyone and being able to sleep in peace. 


When you are single, your time is your own! You don’t have to ask or second guess any moves you want to make or trips you want to take. 


Be selfish, accomplish your goals, and live life to the fullest!


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