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Living Single 2020: 8 Reasons to Stay Single this Year

1.SECURE THE BAG! Being single allows you to stack up your money and secure the bag.  There's nothing worse than running into financial issues with your partner, however, when you are single, you are not obligated to share the wealth and you can spend or stack your money freely.  The only adult who gets to enjoy… Continue reading Living Single 2020: 8 Reasons to Stay Single this Year

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 Mean Girls (Smile In Your Face and Envious Behind Your Back)

I’ve never been one to have many female friends, or really any friends for that matter. I’m usually the one person out of the group to smell the BS from a mile away and instantly removes myself from around situations and or people I know don’t mesh well with my spirit. But in the recent… Continue reading  Mean Girls (Smile In Your Face and Envious Behind Your Back)

My Life Be Like

Cliques – I Don’t Need Em!

Growing up I've never been the popular girl, despite what everyone likes to believe. My group of friends could barely form a triangle but throughout middle and high school, I didn't think about it much. I might not have had a ton a friends but I still felt welcome. It wasn't until I left college… Continue reading Cliques – I Don’t Need Em!


My Natural Hair Journey

This year I decided to start my natural hair journey. I have been tired of wigs and weaves for a while now and I have wanted to try something new, so I finally took the risk. I went over to my sis Imani's house and she helped me curl my hair with perm rods, two… Continue reading My Natural Hair Journey



When people would tell me they are depressed I always thought they were being dramatic. I always though,  you want to kill yourself? Come on, nothing is that serious. I would always console them, but I could never relate… until now. I am going through a break up and I am depressed. I know that… Continue reading BEING DEPRESSED.