Mean Girls (Smile In Your Face and Envious Behind Your Back)

I’ve never been one to have many female friends, or really any friends for that matter. I’m usually the one person out of the group to smell the BS from a mile away and instantly removes myself from around situations and or people I know don’t mesh well with my spirit. But in the recent years I have been trying to allow people to get to know me and vice versa.
Let me tell you I have seen SO many things and I have come to the conclusion that there are so many MEAN GIRLS in the world. They are in your face and congratulating you on success, maybe support you by showing up to an event or even purchasing a product you are selling.
Yet, come to find out they are only around you in order to find some sort of way to bring you down. To bad mouth you or what you’ve got going on or even just try and get close to you in order to throw shade on you and the person you are. BUT WHY?
What is the reasoning behind bashing someone to the point you need to be fake. Is it because there are parts of them that may be envious. Not to say that is always the case but what do we gain as women by tearing one another down. I know for damn sure blessings are not being placed in your lap by bringing others down.
I have seen so much of this recently and it truly saddens me. Someone I’ve known for YEARS I felt was a genuine person, and supportive in the recent months has made it very known to me that she is a mean girl. I took it upon myself to address the situation and ask, “What is the real problem?” She told me that she has always had a feeling of jealousy toward me because she felt that I always had or done something she’s wanted to do.
I took it upon myself to let her know there is room out here for EVERYONE!! Anything that I am doing she is more than capable of accomplishing and to never be envious of another woman who can potentially be a great friend or mentor. I say all this to say that women NEED to start having conversations, being open with one another, and be uplifting.
No we will not all always get along, but this doesn’t mean we have to be nasty towards one another just to trick ourselves into believing that we are boosting out reputations. We have to understand that there will always be someone, somewhere doing SOMETHING we dreamed for ourselves. But we will never get to that dream trying to hold others back.
I saw a video on Instagram and the person said “How can someone be happy for you when they hate themselves? And how can you expect them to be happy you are winning when they feel it should be them winning and not you?”
So the next time you are feeling like being a mean girl or engaging in mean girl behavior ask yourself “What is it about me that feels I cant be as successful as the next !”


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