The Past Lives- Part 10: Ruthless (FINALE)

“Where are you taking me?” said Jaron as he was being escorted out of the bar by Janet and Jude.

“Time to tie up all the loose ends,” said Jude as he and Janet walked Jaron to outside.

The scene was set. Although they weren’t in San Diego anymore, the fear of Jaron knew still struck hard. Janet and Jude knew they would never be able to go back with him alive. He could blow their cover up at any point in time. Jaron knew Janet and Jude beat up Ryan pretty badly and left him for dead and he also knew of them being an accessory to murder when Jewel killed Ryan. He had to go for their peace of mind.

The threesome went around the corner to an abandoned warehouse where only the light of the street was keeping it lit. Janet and Jude knew they could leave Jaron there and no one would even think to find him there at all. And the best part is no one would be able to identify his body.

“Jaron, you can stop right here now. This is the end of your road,” said Janet.

Jaron was instructed to get down on his knees facing away from Janet and Jude. With each passing second, Jaron began to think about how he got involved in this mess. If he had never tried to help Ryan to drug Ryan to begin with, maybe he would not in the situation he was in now. Nevertheless, he was here now and his bad choices put him into this situation.

“Any last wishes Jaron?” said Jude.

“Could you have let me had that last shot of tequila before offing me?”

“No Jaron. I was kidding with the last wishes. Your last wish was never going to happen. Say your last dreams. This is over.”

As soon as Jaron closed his eyes, Jude put the gun to his head. Then a shot rang out, but Jaron was still living.  He felt the pressure from the gun lift from his head and heard someone running away from him. When he opened his eyes, there laid Jude dead on the ground with a bullet in his forehead. Jaron looked in shock as he somehow had been saved. But by who was he saved? That question was quickly answered when he turned around after getting up off the ground.

There stood a pissed-off Jewel, still hurting from the beatdown she took at the hands of Janet, but she was still standing. Unbeknownst to Jude and Janet, she was still alive and kicking and the anger towards Janet and Jude fueled her to get to them even more.

“Now I have one more to take care of,” said Jewel as she slowly walked towards Jaron.

“Please don’t kill me,” said a scared Jaron to Jewel.

“I’m not worried about you.. It’s my sister I want.”

Jaron got to his feet, thanked Jewel and then Jewel asked him a question.

“I know you were running from us, but why run here?”

“I lost my job and you all were after me. What else did I have to do in San Diego? I could start over down here.”

“Go back to San Diego Jaron. There’s nothing for you down here. I killed someone. I cannot go back. You can go back and still figure out a way to make a living.”

Jaron disagreed with her.

“I disobeyed hospital rules and helped Ryan drug Jude when he went missing. The hospital is never going to let me back in there. I’m ruined.”

“You did what Jaron? You mean to tell me you helped Ryan get rid of Jude??!!!”

Jaron went from thankfulness to being scared all in that moment and he had every right to be scared. The barrel of the gun Jewel had was aimed right at his chest. And just like that, Jewel let loose once again, drilling Jaron right in the middle of his chest.

“Lying to me is how people end up dead.” said a pissed off Jewel. Jaron laid there in the darkness lifeless with the light barely grasping his body.

While Jewel was busy letting off steam, Janet was in shock. She just saw Janet kill Jude and ran. She knew there was going to be no leaving this one without taking out Jude, but she had to find a way out first.

While Janet was trying to figure out a plan to escape when she heard another shot. She didn’t know what was going on but could only assume Jewel had claimed another victim. Janet surely did not want to be the next victim at the hands of her sister, so she knew she had to move and had to move fast. She had to find a way to get the gun out of Jewel’s hand and if she was able to do that, she knew she could take down Jewel. Janet noticed a light coming from her left and it was the backdoor to the bar she just left.  Janet started heading that way through the alley in the darkness until she finally made it to the door and entered in with no one noticing.

Janet escaped just in time because Jewel turned her attention to the abandoned warehouse after she took out Jaron.

“Jewel I know you’re in here. Come on out. I owe you something.”

Jewel was waiving her gun around with a bravado she had never shown before. She wanted Janet and she wanted her bad. That beatdown she took sparked something in her that even she did not think she had.

Janet looked everywhere in the warehouse, as she went into all the dark crevices of the building undaunted. She could not find her and she was not happy about it.

Jewel turned around and headed out of the warehouse, disgusted that she did not find Janet. Her next mode of action was to head to the bar right near the warehouse, but as soon as she got to the door, a metal pipe came thundering down right on her hand, knocking the gun down and having her grasping at her wrist.

“Even with a gun you are no match for me Jewel.” said Janet.

“We’ll see about that,” said Jewel.

Janet hit Jewel with the pipe again, this time in her back and Jewel fell to the ground.

“You think it was a mistake that I was tougher than you growing up?  I was always better than you Jewel. You were always the one crying while I handled business.”

As she was talking, she was pressing her shoe right on Jewel’s head, pressing her head right into the dirt.

“You made a mistake Jewel. You tried to be something you weren’t. You’re not a killer at all.”

“Correction Janet. I wasn’t a killer when you first met me but I became more ruthless like you.”

As Jewel was responding, she found a way to grab Janet’s foot and throw her on the ground. And then the mad scramble was on for the gun, as it was only a few feet from both of them. They both lunged for the gun, with both hands on the gun as they struggled to gain control of it.

Boom! A gunshot rang loud as both Janet and Jewel looked at each other with eyes wide open.

Janet began gasping for air as she was shot in the abdomen with the gun and was bleeding heavily. Jewel was shocked but that look was quickly replaced with a devilish grin. She took control of the gun and shot Janet one more time, this time in the middle of her chest. And for good measure, she shot her right between the eyes to leave no doubts about her being dead.

“You should have killed me when you had the chance Janet. I guess you weren’t as ruthless as you thought.”





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