Empty Inside…


You ever felt alone and lost? Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough no matter how much people tend to remind you that you’re worth it? I’ve been broken down continuously.

I never understood why though…

I was wondering maybe it’s me? But is it really?

I have this habit where I misjudge people and gain attachments, and when that person exits my life I literally feel broken and lost I feel empty and depressed nobody wants to feel alone.

Not hurt because I lost the person but hurt because I lost myself, hurt because I thought you were different. Hurt because I gave you apart of me I promised to keep to myself….

My energy is what you played with and I’m not quite sure why… I wonder if I’m a joke to you. I wonder if you used me for your own personal reasons or simply you had an agenda to break me down as a woman.

Why did you play victim? Why do you put the blame on me? Why did you put my insecurities in my face after I was open and honest with you…

I’m hurt, I feel empty.

I was literally fine alone….but you disturbed my peace.

I feel empty inside!


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