My Life Be Like, poetry


Painted upon her empty canvas  Used me to get her advances.  I was lost she made me feel found  She was distressed but I made her sound.  We were going through the motions  But I guess I’ll toss my love to the ocean:  Ancestors, ancestors hear my plea  Please send a woman who’ll love me.

My Life Be Like

Empty Inside…

  You ever felt alone and lost? Have you ever felt like you weren't good enough no matter how much people tend to remind you that you're worth it? I've been broken down continuously. I never understood why though... I was wondering maybe it's me? But is it really? I have this habit where I… Continue reading Empty Inside…



This year I lost one of my best friends. Am I sad? Not really. It's just unfortunate. Over the course of two years she had been nagging me about being a "better friend." My whole problem with that was I have NEVER been a bad friend to her. Whenever she needed me, whenever she was… Continue reading SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW.