Dirty Change: Part 8- A Little Bit of Spice

Dirty Change 2

Cary could see the fire in Sandra’s eyes as she walked into the bar.

“So this is why you couldn’t see me today I see. Who is this?”

“Sandra, let me explain.”

“No need to explain Cary. I see what’s going on here.”

Michaela picked up on Sandra potentially being Cary’s girlfriend and started gathering her things and moving away from Cary.

“You going to tell me who this is and how long this has been going on?”

Cary took a nervous gulp and finally said something to respond to Sandra.

“This is Michaela. She was trying to apologize to me about the run-in with her partner, Detective Porter.”

“So this is the police and Detective Porter’s way of apologizing? By sending his female partner to push up on you? Ok. So I guess that’s how the police do things?”

“Your name is Sandra right? Well, for your information, Detective Porter did not hoe me out. I apologized on my own and while I apologize for what happened and I certainly did not mean for this to happen, I will not be made to sound like some loose woman who throws it at everyone. Sorry Cary. Have a good night.”

Michaela used her phone to get a Lyft to pick her up. Once notified by the Lyft driver, she got up from the bar, although stumbling a little bit, and left while brushing up against Sandra on the way out. While Sandra wanted to react, she thought better of that action. The assault of a police officer would not be a good look for her, especially since her boyfriend was about to be recognized by the city.

“Sandra, I am so sorry.”

“I bet you are. I’m gonna stay here and get me a drink or two and maybe hang with the bartender a little bit Cary. You want to watch us cozy up?”

Cary was obviously bothered by her comment and certainly didn’t want to see his woman all up on the bartender. He knew she obviously was trying to get back at hime, but he surely didn’t want to cause a mess in the bar.

“I said I was sorry, but I see you’re bent on trying to get a rise out of me in getting revenge, so I will see my way out.”

Cary stumbled out of the bar and even though the bar was right there near his house, it took him a while to make it home. Apparently he drunk more than he thought. As he stumbled in his house, he opened the door, slammed it shut and fell flat on the couch which was right inside his front door.

When Cary woke up the next morning, he heard police sirens going down his street. As he woke up, he looked out his window to see they were heading to the bar he was just at last night. As he stumbled to his front porch to see what happened, an ambulance made it’s way there to the scene. At this point, worry was all over his face as he remembered Sandra was there with the bartender as he was leaving. He ran back inside, put on a jacket and made his way over to see what was going on. As he arrived, he noticed Detective Michaela Collins on the scene with Detective Porter.

“Good morning Mr. Nickel. What brings you over to this crime scene today? Here to make fun of us for mistaking you for the killer?”

“No Detective Porter. My girlfriend Sandra was in there last night after I left.”

“Well, you will be glad to know that she is not the victim in this one.”

“The bartender, Tony Scott, was found with a gunshot wound to the head in this one along with a knife wound to his chest.”

“Yikes. Tony was a good guy. Hate to see that happen to him.”

“Did you see anything or anyone suspicious here last night Mr. Nickel?”

As he stared at Detective Collins, he belted out, “No sir.”

As Mr. Nickel walked back towards his home, he looked back at Detective Collins and their eyes met, like they were still experiencing the feelings from last night minus the liquor. Mr. Nickel looked a couple seconds longer before he eased on towards him home and disappeared inside the door.

Detective Collins and Porter stayed at the scene a little longer, interviewing people around the neighborhood to see if they saw anything with no results. And as far as the cameras in the bar, they were unfortunately malfunctioning and caught nothing on camera.

“We have to find something out.”

“Hey Porter, I was in here last night.”

“You were what!!???”

“I met Mr. Nickel here last night.”

“Well, what did you do that for?”

“I was executing my plan.”

“And what plan is that?”

“I have him right where I want him. I just need you to trust me here Porter. I got this covered.”

“Got what covered.”

“Just don’t worry about it Porter. I got it. ”

Both exited the scene as others continued to climb around the scene. Meanwhile, as Mr. Nickel was sitting inside his house, he heard a knock on is back door. The knock startled him, as he did not expect anyone to knock on his backdoor at this time of night.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me Cary. Sandra.”

“What are you doing at my backdoor?”

“I tried to make it over here last night after the mess at the bar.”

“Oh my God!! Thank goodness you are alive! What happened?”

“I have no idea what happened. One minute I was in the bar and the next minute I am on the side of your house asleep.”

“Well, get in here and get cleaned up.”

Cary pointed upstairs to his bedroom for her to take a shower in. As she entered the room, she looked around and noticed the bed was unslept in. Immediately she went right back downstairs.

“Where did you sleep last night Cary?”

“I barely made it into my house.”

“I don’t believe you at all. You called that policewoman didn’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You sure do. That woman you were kissing when I came in the bar.”

“Well, time for you to leave.”

Mr. Nickel walked to the front door and opened it, point outside while looking at Sandra. While Sandra acted like she didn’t want to leave at first, she eventually left the house, still upset at Mr. Nickel. Sandra’s car was parked right down the street the opposite direction from the bar, so she was able to get out of there without having to run into the police, which would have made her even more upset.

After all that went on to start his day, Mr. Nickel went back in the house. He didn’t have to go to the community center today, so he just went back upstairs, took a shower and laid down. Day turned into night as Mr. Nickel slept the day away until he was awakened by his doorbell ringing. He thought he dreamed the doorbell ringing until he heard it again and went downstairs to see who was awaiting him. As he peaked through the blinds, he could not believe who he saw.

“Michaela?? Are you lost? What brings you here?”

“I wanted to apologize again to you. I should have never drunk that much.”

“Same here.”

“Here’s my apology.”

Detective Collins leaned in and kissed Mr. Nickel.

“Last night’s kiss wasn’t a mistake though.”

Mr. Nickel pulled Detective Collins in as they disappeared for the night.







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