Refusing to Settle

The thoughts of having a love life and career I enjoy always plague my mind. I’ve found myself pondering over exactly what I want and how I will go about achieving it. Then, fear and the thought of not being enough place even more doubt in my head. What if I’m just not deserving of what I want? I even replay scenarios and come to the looming thought—maybe I should just settle. Settle for what I know isn’t enough, but I know it’ll be a sure thing.  Settling out of safety and not going for what I truly desire. The harsh realty is that we are our own worst critics. We will talk ourselves out of receiving the very things we’ve put in the work to earn. I never truly understand why we feel that settling is the better option. Who told us settling was enough to sustain who we are? I don’t want to endure another case of  being just “good enough.”

This job is good enough because it covers my expenses.

My life is good enough because I’m living comfortable.

Where I am now is good enough.

He or she is good enough because they love me like I am.

I was good enough to achieve or obtain A through Z like this.

I can’t settle for good enough because one day I’ll resent myself from not breaking away from my comfort zone. Nothing that is needed for me to grow will be found there. You may say settling doesn’t require much. You want to know why? Settling is easy because all you have to do is commit to staying the same. Throughout, the years I’ve grown to realize that I deserve a life that I love from my core—not just enough to keep me content. I am worthy of a multitude of love, manifestations, and abundance in each aspect of my life. So, I won’t settle now or ever. I don’t care if that gets me labeled as difficult, I just care that I’ll wake up realizing the worth in my choices. I don’t want to settle for half-ass anything. I don’t want to short change myself when I know just how much I bring to the table.


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