My Life Be Like

Refusing to Settle

The thoughts of having a love life and career I enjoy always plague my mind. I’ve found myself pondering over exactly what I want and how I will go about achieving it. Then, fear and the thought of not being enough place even more doubt in my head. What if I’m just not deserving of… Continue reading Refusing to Settle

My Life Be Like

Five Ways To Get Uncomfortable.

If you're anything like me, you may fear getting out of your comfort zone, which leaves you living in this bubble you wish you could pop but you're too afraid to find out what will happen once it burst. One thing I've learned about myself is, once I'm set in my ways it's very hard… Continue reading Five Ways To Get Uncomfortable.


The Good News and the Bad News

Hey loves, Happy to announce that today is my last day of work and then I have five days off. I can not wait to relax and then celebrate Christmas and my birthday with my family and friends. I have another birthday celebration coming up on December 30th and I am SUPER excited. The first… Continue reading The Good News and the Bad News