Stop Getting Stolen

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I went to Sacramento on Friday the 6th to collect a BAG and then got the chance to see and spend time with my family. It was a beautiful day. I officially met my best friends’ new friend, and we instantly clicked. I was offered a great opportunity from my God-uncle, Jhene’ was on repeat all day, and my soul was lifted. There was a package scheduled to be delivered to my house that day, and I could not wait to open it when I got home.

When I arrived, I walked over to the mailbox. Our mailbox is designed so that if we get bigger packages, a key to one of the lock-boxes is left in our smaller compartment. I opened the number “16” and saw that there was no key, only bills, coupons, and magazines. My stomach dropped immediately as I realized the package was probably left at the front door, and to my dismay, I was right.

It got stolen.

I was LIVID. My housemates suggested that I check over the fence to see if they happened to throw it over. NEGATIVE.

I tried to keep myself calm, after-all it’s only clothes, but then one of my housemates sent me over the edge. She was HOME, saw the package on the front porch, and LEFT IT THERE!

A range of emotions went through me. First, I was angry at myself for not sending out a group message, letting everyone know I had something coming. Second, I could not believe my housemate left it knowing our house is known for having packages stolen. Third, the hassle of reporting and potentially getting nowhere is something I hate.

But I had to remind myself that again, THE CLOTHES COULD BE REPLACED! Yes, I spent over 200 dollars. Yes, I spent hours online shopping, selecting the items I got. But, if I wanted to reorder everything I could. It would not affect my ability to pay my bills or feed myself. Therefore, why was I allowing myself to be stolen? Why did I allow those emotions of anger to completely take over my day? I hate thieves. Its so low for someone to steal from another person. BUT, my house is right next to a underpass where dozens of homeless people lay their heads at night. It may sound weird, but at least I hope it was one of them.

Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it. Don’t let a few minutes or some bad news steal your day. It is never worth it. Only you can control your emotions. Keep your spirit and your mental straight.



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