Dirty Change: Part 9- Emotional Rollercoaster

Dirty Change 2

“What a night?”

Michaela was reminiscing over the night that just was. She certainly didn’t see this coming. Her waking up at Mr. Nickel’s house after a night of passion certainly wasn’t in her plans at all. She certainly wasn’t complaining about the time she had spent with him though, as she was craving some more “time” when she woke up the next morning.

“Good Morning.”

As Michaela rolled over, she expected to see Mr. Nickel but he was not in the bed.

“Cary? Where are you?”

There was no answer to anything Michaela said, so she began to get up and get dressed while looking around the house. She went in the bathroom upstairs and he wasn’t there. Then she went to the hallway and there was no sign of him. At this point, Michaela was hitting the panic button. She began to think on the implications if what Detective Porter thought about Mr. Nickel was true. As she came down the stairs, she was pleasantly surprised.

“I was just about to come back upstairs and ask you what you wanted for breakfast. Early meeting this morning?”

“No. Just was wondering where you were.”

Well, where would I be but at my house?”

“That’s true. And can I get some bacon and some scrambled eggs with cheese? Thanks”

“Bacon and eggs coming up.”

Michaela relaxed at the kitchen table as Mr. Nickel cooked breakfast. She wasn’t expecting this, but she was beginning to like him a little more than she thought. As he cooked in the kitchen, all she cold think about what she just did. She thought she was trying to get him off his game, but he was starting to pull her off hers. He was calm, nice and now he was cooking her breakfast. Michaela was beginning to think on what the future could hold for them. She was deep in dreamland.

“Hey Michaela. Here is your food. Michaela? Detective Collins? You there?”

“Oh. Sorry. Was just thinking about something. Thank you for the breakfast.”

Michaela are her breakfast quickly, gave Mr. Nickel a hug and was out the door as she had to return home to get ready for work. As for Mr. Nickel, he sat there and ate breakfast and when he finished, he went over to his backdoor. He opened the backdoor and then grabbed some clothes he had left on the back porch. Unbeknownst to Detective Collins, he was gone at some point in the middle of the night but Mr. Nickel did not know when he left. The only thing he knew was that he woke up with dark clothes relaxing on his back porch with the music playing.

“I hope nothing happened that I regret.”

Michaela made it back to her apartment, changed, and quickly got to work. And as soon as she got there, she was hit with some more news.

“Another missing kid in the neighborhood Detective Collins.”

“What happened?”

“You would know if you were here this morning on time.”

“Happened last night near the bar where the murder happened.”

“Any idea on who it could have been?”

“Not currently but there was someone who said they saw two people in black with hoodies on that usually aren’t in the neighborhood.”

“I wish this mess was over!”

“You and me both partner. I wonder if our guy Mr. Nickel was home at the time of the missing kid.”

“He was home.”

Hold up. How do you know this? Unless…you were there with him last night?!!!”

“Yes. I was there with him last night.”

“Michaela, you cannot be sure unless…you stayed the night. Please tell me you didn’t stay the night with Mr. Nickel.”

“Trust me partner. I need you to trust me on this one. He was there the whole knight. I can promise you that.”

“You’re pushing it Michaela. I’m trying my best to trust you, but you are sleeping with the enemy.”

“Well, since he was there all night, I cannot say he is the enemy Detective Collins. We need to open up our search.”

“I’ll take your advice, but I’m not keeping my eyes off Mr. Nickel. I think he is involved in this somehow.”

“We shall see.”

“I’ve already been to the crime scene and got statements and information from the crime scene. Let’s sit down and go through this.”

While the Collins and Porter were going over information from the scene.  Sandra was just waking up and laying in her bed thinking on how her and Mr. Nickel had been butting heads . She loved him  and she wanted his full attention, but it seemed like Detective Collins had taken some of his attention away. Sandra was not happy at all about this and she had to find a way to get the attention back on her and away from Detective Collins. She knew she owed Detective Collins and was going to get her back for pulling at her man, but the first thing she had to do was talk to Mr. Nickel. No matter how bad he hurt her, she knew she needed him and wanted to be with him despite his hangups. She got up and began to change clothes when she noticed a pain coming from her arm. As she looked down, she noticed a bruise on her left arm.

“Wonder how that got there?”

As she pondered the bruise, she got ready for her ride to Mr. Nickel’s house.

Mr. Nickel, in the meantime, was sitting at his house, just enjoying the day. He again didn’t go to the community center and was thinking on the wonderful time he had with Detective Collins the night before. The visions of her body and her smile danced in his head as he relaxed on the couch. As he was replaying the thoughts of his night with Michaela, there was a knock at the door. Mr. Nickel got excited, thinking it was Michaela coming back again.

“Hello Cary. I am so sorry.”

“Oh. It’s you again. You back to argue with me again?”

“No. I am here to apologize to you. I’m sorry for accusing you of cheating on me.  And to make up for it, I have this bag of groceries and will be cooking you dinner.”

“Don’t make me regret this Sandra. Come in.”

Sandra walked in and the door closed behind her.

While Sandra and Mr. Nickel were talking, they were not aware that Detective Collins was watching them from his vehicle.

“Oh. So he trying to play me now? I see how it is. I got something for him now.”






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