Were You Cuffed Enough to Celebrate the Holidays as a Couple in 2019?

So you had your eyes and heart wide open as soon as 2019 hit, hoping to finally attract something worth keeping throughout the year and on to the next year but after a few months in, it was a total hit & miss. A few guys put in their bids, but nothing caught your full attention.

Soon enough, Hot Girl Summer came around & you showed out! You were feeling hot enough to shut down everything that came your way because it simply wasn’t good enough and you knew what you deserved. As Hot Girl Summer came to an end, the flames died down & finally, the one who was worthy enough to blow your flame completely came out just in time for flirty fall!

You were prepared to give in and give him a chance with your ultimate goal being to get cuffed. This was new and exciting and something you felt could be worth keeping. Then came the holiday season. The true test of where things could possibly be going. Weeks & months of dating, spending time, building, bonding, and exploring one another and the holidays creep up fast.

BOOM! Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s hit and by this time, are you planning things out with one another? Or, are the holiday plans being made privately and separately? Are you still as close as you’ve been prior to the holidays swift approach? Or do things seem to be dying down?

Are you cuffed enough to get an invitation to the family holiday festivities? Or do you just get a “Happy Thanksgiving,” “Merry Christmas,” & “Happy New Year” text? Does the holiday and end of the year inclusion or lack thereof determine how you will move into the next year? Well if you ask me, if you’re invited or included to be apart of 1 out of 3, there’s slight hope. If you get to be apart of 2 out of 3, consider yourself officially cuffed, you guys are definitely going somewhere sis. But if you got 0 out of 3 and it was quiet on all 3 holidays when the end of the year came, it’s time to let go and move on. You aren’t cuffed enough to move on to the next phase & time is most likely up.


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