Wonderland: Part 13- Party Time

Lacey Wonderland

What started as Lacey getting revenge turned into one big party with a surprise guest in Billy.

“Time to have some fun. Everyone ready for some fun?”

Billy, still bloodied from the shovel hits from Lacey, was ready for his revenge. He wanted to kill Lacey for her trying to kill him, Charlotte for messing up business with pleasure and Billy just because he was involved in this all. He had enough.

“Lacey, put the shovel down right now. If you don’t, you can go ahead and get ready to leave this world.”

Lacey did exactly what Billy wanted and put down the shovel. When Lacey bent over to drop the shovel on the ground, Billy kicked her right in her forehead. The force of the kick snapped her head back a little, almost knocking her down to the ground.

“There’s a little something for hitting me with that shovel. There will be more later. Now grab that chair and sit down.”

Lacey again did what she was told, grabbing the chair and sitting down in it while rubbing her face from the kick.  Billy brought some bungee cords and used those to tie Lacey to the chair.

“Well, well, well. How things have changed here. Who would have thought I would have the opportunity to kill all of you and get away with it.”

Billy may have been reckless when it came to other things he did, but he wasn’t reckless when it came to killing people. He knew he had to be as quiet as possible, hence the silencer on his gun. He knew the exact amount of time he had before room service would come as well. That would give him enough time to get out of town before anyone could tie him to the murders. And he also brought additional clothes so if someone was to describe him then the clothes would not match up. He was calculated and he knew he could get away with this one.

Lacey went from having power to powerless. She was at the mercy of Billy and the only thing she could do was listen and follow his demands. Brian and Charlotte were just sitting there silent and scared as they feared for their lives as well. Then, Charlotte looked in Billy’s eyes and she began to weep in fear.

“Cut all that crying out Charlotte. I don’t want to hear all that. You brought this on yourself. You wanted this whole plan to get Brian back. You started this entire thing.”

This wasn’t the first time Brian had heard this and now he was curious again about it all.

“Charlotte, is any of this true? Did you set this all up? Did what Lacey tell me earlier in fact happen? Did you do all those nasty things?”

Charlotte did not answer at first, but she feared Billy killing her and then she finally let the truth out.

“Yes I did it all. I did all of it for you Brian. Lacey stole you from me. She was not supposed to be with you. I was supposed to be with you forever and ever. She stole you from me and I was determined to get you back by whatever means necessary.”

Brian was disgusted at this point. He finally believed what was said by Lacey to him, but at this point, it may be too late. Billy was about to take all of them out one by one.

“Now to decide which one of you is up first…”

Billy went back and forth on who he wanted to kill first in his mind until he settled on Brian.

“Brian, I think it’s time for you to go sir. You have got to be the dumbest man by far. How do you fall in love and go back and forth between these two? You see Lacey don’t you? Charlotte isn’t in comparison to her. And then you go falling in love with someone that you haven’t seen in a while? You deserve to die just for that stupid mess in itself. But other than that, you had sex with my wife in our bed. Sure, I never really loved her but did you really have to do that in my bed though? Really? Well, enough of the small-talk. Time to meet your maker Brian.”

Billy was prepared to shoot Brian when he got kicked right in the back of his leg, causing his shot to go into the ceiling. He may have tied Lacey’s hands up, but he didn’t tie up her feet and they were free to do what they wanted, as she used her left foot to take out his knee and then followed with her right foot kicking him in the stomach. As Billy doubled over, she kicked him in the face, returning the favor to Billy from earlier. When she kicked Billy in the face, the force of the kick knocked the gun to the floor. Lacey also fell to the floor as she was using her legs to save Brian from dying. The good thing about the chair though is that it was wobbly and made of wood., as this was an older place they were at. The chair broke as it hit the ground and the cords came loose.

The gun was within the reach of Lacey as she could see it near the door. If she could only beat Billy to the door. Lacey crawled as fast as she could to the gun while Billy was temporarily stunned. She was almost there when Billy gained some of his senses and started moving towards the door and the gun as well. Both using all their energy to get to the gun. As Lacey grasped and got her hands on the gun, she felt Billy’s hand go right on top of hers during the battle. The two struggled on the ground, rolling around with the gun and then it happened.

The gun went off and both Lacey and Billy had a stunned look on their face. Then another shot went off and both of them laid there in blood with stunned looks on their face, their bodies still close to one another.






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