Wonderland- Part 14: Time To Say Goodbye

Lacey Wonderland

Billy and Lacey laid there stunned, but Billy laid there a little longer as he had taken two shots to the chest and stomach area and was no longer in the land of the living. In the struggle for the gun, Lacey had managed to take out Billy and rid herself of the terror that he brought into her life. As she got up, she was still shaken from what happened between her and Billy. Lacey was fearful that someone heard the shots until she came back to reality and remembered Billy had a silencer on the gun he had.

Although she had stopped worrying about someone hearing the gun go off, she knew time wasn’t on her side. She needed to start making preparations to leave the city as fast as she could. Before she left the city though, she had some decisions to make, mainly what she was going to do with Brian and Charlotte. Before she came to the hotel, she was planning to kill both of them. She was tired of Brian’s shenanigans and she had been wanting to kill Lacey for a while.

“Brian. I got a question for you.”

“What is it Lacey?”

“Who do you want to be with? Do you want me or do you want Charlotte?”

At this point, the decision was easy for Brian. He finally snapped out of the trance he was in with Charlotte and recognized her for the woman she was. He may have had some amazing sex with her but he knew she was a snake. She had created this world around him where she made him think she was safe and that Lacey was trouble all while trying to destroy Lacey and the life she had created for herself. Lacey, meanwhile, had her faults, most notably the time she slept with Billy, but she seemed to really be sorry no matter if the mess that happened was really of her own doing or under the influence of drugs. After what seemed like an eternity since Lacey asked him, Billy finally responded.

“Of course I am going to pick you Lacey.”

“Okay Brian. That is all I needed to hear.”

Lacey positioned herself to where she was standing right in front of Charlotte. She had a sick smile on her face as she stood there with the blood of Billy on her clothes.

“I think this is the end of your road Charlotte. Kind of funny how this one is going to end. Right back at this hotel where you and Billy told me you all set me up. I hope you enjoy hanging out with Billy here for a while. Rest in peace.”

Charlotte’s eyes got big as saucers and she tried to yell, but before she could get that yell out, she was catching two to the chest and one to the forehead for good measure. Lacey had made the mistake of leaving Billy alive and she wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. She checked the pulse of Charlotte even though it was clear she was dead when she shot here in the forehead for good measure.  After she shot Charlotte, she untied Brian and instructed him to lay her body next to Billy’s body. As Billy was doing that, Lacey went to get a bathrobe to cover up the blood on her shirt for when they were to exit the room. As she was leaving the room, she took a moment to say some last words to Charlotte and Billy.

“You were both made for each other. I hope you two have a good time together.”

And she slowly closed the door on them as their bodies laid there in the floor to rot.

“Brian, get in the car. We have to leave town now!”

Brian followed instructions and the pair left town together, headed up I-75 towards Chattanooga. The trip found them bonding together more as Brian apologized profusely and Lacey accepted while they began to laugh and joke with each other. As they traveled, Lacey knew she eventually would need more clothes, so they stopped at a Walmart.

“Can you go get me some new clothes Brian?”

“Sure. What all do you want?”

“Just a couple pairs of jeans and a couple shirts.”

Brian exited the car as Lacey waited for him in the car, still in the bathrobe and bloody clothes from the room. Ten minutes went by. Twenty minutes went by. And after thirty minutes and Lacey getting annoyed, she noticed him coming out of the store from her car talking to another woman. The conversation looked friendly and like both were comfortable with each other. And it was at that point, Lacey realized what she had to do.

Brian hopped back in the car and handed Lacey the clothes.

“It was crazy in there. Hopefully those clothes fit you just right,” Brian said with a smile.

“I’ll change at the next rest area we see. The couple rode for roughly 20 more minutes until they saw a rest stop. As soon as they pulled in, Lacey was observing the surroundings. She noticed there was not many people there at this time of day.

“I’m going to change in the bathroom and throw these clothes and I will be right back.”

She hoped out of the car and went into the restroom to change. As she changed, she threw the other clothes in the trashcan, completely trying to get rid of the evidence of the crime. Before she exited the bathroom, she began to get her nerves together. Never before had a thought like this crossed her mind, but she knew it was the right move for her.

As she plopped back down in the car, she looked at Brian.

“I love you, but you have to go.”

Brian looked completely shocked Lacey would say that to him.

“Where am I going? I have no idea where I am.”

As Brian was looking out the window, he turned around to the barrel of a silencer sitting in the middle of his forehead.  Tears started streaming down Lacey’s face.

“I’m sorry but you have to go. I saw you with that woman and we are not going to be able to make it together. I love you, but you are a liability. I love myself more than you. And who’s to say you won’t fold on me like you did with Charlotte.”

Brian’s eyes were huge. He could not believe what he was hearing from Lacey. Then came those last words.

“Goodbye Brian.”

Lacey then pulled the trigger.



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