Wonderland: Part 12- The Spot Is Hot

Lacey Wonderland

“What the heck happened?”

Lacey woke up laid out on the floor. She felt the back of her head and there was a sampling of blood from where she was knocked out by Brian. After getting herself together, she began to think on what just happened to her. Brian did the unthinkable to her and as she was thinking about that, she walked towards the cellar to see if he had done what she thought he had done.

“Is he crazy?”

Lacey looked in the cellar and saw there was empty chairs, gags and rope on the floor. As soon as she saw this, she was extremely upset.

“I cannot believe this man just did this to me. I could kill him!”

Lacey went back in the kitchen and grabbed her keys and headed out the door, slamming the door behind her.

As the door slammed, Billy jumped up. He was in pain, but he was still living. Lacey had got him pretty good. She had hit him with the shovel a couple times, but she never pierced his skin with the blade to penetrate his skin. He checked his head to see some blood came from a gash from Lacey, but he was still alive. Billy was able to make it to his feet as he saw Lacey going out to her car from the window of his bedroom. He knew he didn’t have much time but he had to catch her.

While Billy was gathering his senses, Lacey was trying to figure out where to find Brian and Charlotte. She thought of a few different spots, but then one obvious spot came to mind: the secret location she had been taken too. She scoured through her phone for text messages between Billy and her. Lacey was supposed to delete them but she never got around to doing so and at this moment, it was a blessing she didn’t get rid of it.

As she scrolled through the text messages from Billy, the man she thought she murdered started getting himself together and making his way down the stairs. Billy went and grabbed his keys and headed out to his car, thinking he was going to catch Lacey still out in her car. Unfortunately when he made it outside his home, she was just pulling off, but there was no giving up for Billy. He then scrambled to his car, starting the car and keeping the lights off as he eased up his driveway. The great thing for Billy is Lacey could not see him following behind her because he had a Black vehicle and it blended into the night perfectly. She turned out of the driveway and continued on her way to the interstate. As Billy turned out of the driveway, he turned his lights on and made sure to stay a distance from her as to not tip her off.

Billy was following Lacey, Brian and Charlotte were checking in at the mystery location.

“How do you like this place Brian?”

“Looks nice. Where are we?”

“Let’s just say we are at a place that presents Round 2.”

At that point, Brian was intrigued. He approached Charlotte and threw her on the bed, He ripped off her clothes, unsnapped her bra and began to kiss her while fondling her breasts. Charlotte was moving her hands towards Brian’s pants as she was signaling to him that she was ready for action. The pair proceeded to rip the rest of their clothes off and make passionate love.

The pair laid in the bed as they finished their sex session.

“Charlotte, the only thing standing in our way is me filing for divorce.”

“When are you going to do that?”

“As soon as I can get a lawyer and the money.”

“I can help with the money Brian. ”

As soon as Brian heard that, his eyes lit up. He was ready to move forward. He clearly was ready to move forward with Charlotte despite what Lacey had told him. He was smitten with Charlotte and what she had given him. He was in love and his nose was wide open. He would have did anything Charlotte asked him to do. As the sunrise was coming up, there was a knock on the door. Brian heard the knock on the door but ignored it, thinking it was room service there to greet them.

“Go away! Come back later!”

The knocks at the door continued and Brian continued to ignore them as Charlotte was still knocked out until Brian just could not take anymore. He got out of bed, threw on his boxers and headed to the door. Brian slowly opened the door and as he did, whoever was asking for entrance shoved the door. The force of the door hit Brian in the nose, giving him a bloody and potentially broken nose.

“Watch what you’re doing! You just hit me in the nose!”

“So you ripped my heart out today so which is worse?”

As Brian looked up, there was Lacey standing right in front of him with her shovel and some rope, looking like she was ready for some action.

“I loved you. I wanted you. I was doing my best to fix things with Brian. And then you knock me out?”

“Baby, I’m sorry. ”

At this point, Brian is backpedaling with his hands in the air, hoping that will keep him alive.

“I should kill Charlotte right here while she sleeps.”

Lacey was fired up and raring to tear into both of them while leaving them for dead.

“I told you what happened and that this woman is a big part of the reason why and you walk? Time to take care of both of you. I’m tired of the games. You may as well say you tried to kill me too.”

Lacey backed Brian over to the bed and instructed him to wake up Charlotte. As she woke up, her expression said it all.

“Why can’t you not let us be happy?”

“You know the reason behind that one Charlotte. Now put on some clothes.”

Lacey began by putting two chairs back-to-back and proceeded to tie up both people.

“There is going to be no surviving this one for anyone. You both deserve to die now.”

As soon as Lacey was getting ready to take a shovel to Charlotte’s head, the door flung open and there was Billy standing with a gun and a smile.

“You all didn’t think you were going to get this party started without me did you?”






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