Wonderland: Part 11- Questions and Answers

Brian wondering

“I bet you never thought you would see me again did you?”

Lacey found it ironic that now she was in control of the situation. She had handled Brian when he tried to take advantage of her and she was looking forward to exacting some revenge on Charlotte. As she was moving closer, she could tell Charlotte was getting nervous. There was sweat forming on her forehead and her legs were shaking against the chair she was sitting in.

Lacey removed her gag and immediately Charlotte started talking.

“Please don’t kill me.”

“Why should I keep you alive Charlotte?”

“Because you are not a killer and I will do anything you want. You want money? I got it.”

“I don’t want money from you Lacey although a six-figure check would be nice and looking at this house, I believe you got it.”

Charlotte nodded her head yes in agreement with Lacey.

“Here is what I really want from you Charlotte. I want you to tell Brian the truth.  I don’t want any details left out. We are going to go all the way back to the beginning.”

Brian was still blindfolded and gagged at this time and could only hear what was going on. Lacey came over and politely moved his blindfold and so he could see the reactions of Charlotte as he asked her questions.

“Do you remember the time you pulled up on me in college Charlotte?”


“Do you remember what you did?”

“I offered you money to leave David alone.”

“Did I accept that money?”

“No, you did not.”

As soon as Lacey finished the first round of questioning, she looked to see the expression on Brian’s face. He was just sitting there as if he were in shock, taking in all the things he just heard. Looking at Charlotte answer these questions  and tell him about how she did the things she did was something he was not expecting to hear from her. He expected a Charlotte to deny each and every claim of Lacey’s. And in hearing this information, he was intrigued to learn even more.

“What all did you do to me once I refused that money?”

“I will not tell this Lacey.”

“You better or you will not see the outside of this house again.”

Charlotte then proceeded to lay it all out there.

“I slashed your tires. I picked fights with you. I tried to make Brian mad at you. There! Is that what you wanted to hear? You happy now?”

Charlotte was not happy to have had to tell that information at all. She knew Brian was listening an she knew he was taking all this information in and it could mean the end of that image she crafted for him to see of her.

“We’re not done yet Charlotte. So you wan to tell about the plan you cooked up with Billy?”

“We set you up and had you meet Billy. Of course you slept with him that night, but you never would have known you did if the drugs wouldn’t have wore off.”

“I knew it had to be something going on for me to have slept with him and not remembered it. ”

Lacey smacked Charlotte with her right hand right in the mouth twice.

“You  earned that Charlotte but continue with the story.”

“Since the jig was up, I told Billy to continue to sleep with you and keep hanging the fact that he could get the affair information to Brian. Then came the perfect time for us to get rid of you and have me slide back to where I was supposed to be: at Brian’s side.”

At that point Brian was floored. He could not believe the depths Charlotte had went to in order to have him at her side. The pure shock on his face could have said more than a thousand words.

“Now do you believe me Brian?”

“I don’t know what to say Lacey. This is all so overwhelming. I would have never thought you were capable of this Charlotte. I cannot believe you been doing this for so long. Why didn’t you just tell me you wanted me all to yourself?”

“I didn’t know how to tell you Brian.”

Brian sat there with tears in his eyes wondering what had just unfolded. The world he thought he was figuring out just took yet another turn. Charlotte had played with his emotions. He was falling back in love with her and out of love with Lacey up until this moment and right now he could not even look Charlotte face-to-face.

“Lacey, can you untie me. I think I have heard enough. Are you ready to go Lacey?”

“I thought I would never hear you say that Brian.”

“After hearing that, there wasn’t anything else I needed to hear. But please don’t kill her Lacey. I know you want to but at least with Billy you can claim self-defense. With her there is nothing but murder awaiting you.”

Lacey agreed and although she did want to kill her, she let her live, placing the blindfold and the gag in their original places. As both turned to walk out the door, Brian looked back again at Charlotte and started thinking about the moments he shared with her recently and the mind-blowing sex they in her bed. And it was at that point, Brian sprung into action.

As Brian and Lacey were passing through the kitchen to the front of the house, he grabbed a roller and clocked Lacey in the back of her heard. As she fell to the floor, he had a message for Lacey.

“I’m sorry Lacey. There is no way Charlotte did all that. I know you forced her to say that stuff. ”

Lacey fell to the ground and was immediately knocked out. Brian scrambled to the cellar to untie Charlotte’s  blindfold and undo her gag.

“You know I love you Charlotte. I wasn’t going to believe Lacey. She is the evil one of the equation.”

“Thank you Brian. There is an extra set of keys to Brian’s vehicle upstairs. Let’s go.”

The pair passed by Lacey laid out in the kitchen, grabbed the keys and left the scene.

“Where are we heading Charlotte?”

Anywhere you want.”

The pair pulled off and Lacey laid there in the middle of the floor, all alone and injured after a rough night in Atlanta.




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