I Finally Did It!

It’s 2018 and I am happy to say I have finally moved out! I found a three bedroom house in Hayward and I decided to rent a room. Although I wanted to wait until I could afford to live alone, my home environment was becoming so unhealthy that I had to go. I am excited, but nervous. For now I am the only one living in the house, but eventually I will have two random roommates. Wish me luck!

I spent all day yesterday running around trying to buy items for my bedroom, items for the bathroom and groceries. I spent a lot of money, but now I honestly feel right at home. My bedroom was initially going to be red and black, but I started getting frustrated with the items being different shades of red that I decided to change my color scheme to black and navy. Sleeping in a three bedroom house with creaky hardwood floors alone was a little scary the first night, but I still have such a piece of mind. I am happy about this decision.

Just two weeks ago I was fine living at home. I had convinced myself that it was the smartest decision financially and I ignored all desire to move out. However, something happened that was my last straw. It made me realize that I had to move out by any means necessary. The next morning I went on Craigslist and started searching for something I could afford. I looked for apartments and studios, but I knew deep down that with my budget I was going to have to have a roommate/ roommates, so I typed in a price range and just went from there.

The owners of the house I’m in called me a couple hours after I applied and I went to see the house the same day. It’s beautiful! Front yard, back yard, huge driveway, nice kitchen and a toilet with special features. I fell in love with the house and then a week later they called me saying I got approved! I thought I’d have to wait until February 1st to move in, but they told me I could move in whenever I was ready, because the house was ready. I thought it through and decided to move in immediately. 

This first full day has been so lovely. I have a queen size bed (I’ve always had a twin bed), I have a lock on my door and I have been able to relax without having to intermingle with four other people. At least with strangers, we aren’t related or friends so we don’t have to have the annoying small talk if we don’t want. We can continue our individual lives and all we are obligated to do is be friendly and respectfully. I am really happy that I have taken yet another step into adulthood. My independence and sanity are extremely important and this decision has brought me both. Thanks for your support everyone! 2018 will be a good year for all of us.


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