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Quarantine Pussy

With the current state of the world and the pervasive devaluing of black bodies, I need vitamin D. Its like, no matter what we do or how we protest, its a problem for the WYPIPO. And just so we're clear, vitamin D isn't sunlight or orange juice. I'm talking flesh, girth, stroke, pleasure. Sex is… Continue reading Quarantine Pussy

My Life Be Like

New Neighbors

This new neighborhood didn’t come with a warning. That eviction notice was disguised in the form of a coffee shop, it fooled us into thinking that things were looking up for us. Neon lights in my hood, shining on blocks that were named the most crime infested streets in Brooklyn. Now they ride their bikes… Continue reading New Neighbors

My Life Be Like

Say What You Mean Ladies

In relationships where trust may be a factor; either directly compromised from your spouse or maybe even past fears hinder us. They get in the way of saying the things we need or want from a person because we may feel as though we are asking for too much. Maybe we feel like they won’t… Continue reading Say What You Mean Ladies


Living in My Nissan

When I quit my job, I really didn't take my living situation into consideration. I have been renting a room in a three bedroom house in Hayward,CA. since January. However, it has been a very rocky road, because me and my roommates have had a plethora of issues and disagreements. It got to the point… Continue reading Living in My Nissan


I Finally Did It!

It's 2018 and I am happy to say I have finally moved out! I found a three bedroom house in Hayward and I decided to rent a room. Although I wanted to wait until I could afford to live alone, my home environment was becoming so unhealthy that I had to go. I am excited,… Continue reading I Finally Did It!



When I think of my living situation all I can think of is that meme with Jaden Smith from the Karaote Kid Movie... If you have been following my blogs you know that I have went back and fourth about moving out for a very long time. I don't like living with my family and… Continue reading I HATE IT HERE.


To Move or Not to Move? That is the Question

Hey guys! I had a very good productive week. I worked 5 days, had a couple meetings and turnt up a little bit. I think I have a good work/ fun balance at this point. This upcoming week is all about consistency. I always make moves and end up falling off.... that can't happen. I… Continue reading To Move or Not to Move? That is the Question


Woah, Look at the Difference! #NoMakeUp

Both of these pictures were taken in the month of May. It is crazy how different I look! The picture on the left was taken in Las Vegas when we were out and about. The picture on the right was taken in my room after I got done practicing my make up. The make up… Continue reading Woah, Look at the Difference! #NoMakeUp