To Move or Not to Move? That is the Question

Hey guys!

I had a very good productive week. I worked 5 days, had a couple meetings and turnt up a little bit. I think I have a good work/ fun balance at this point. This upcoming week is all about consistency. I always make moves and end up falling off…. that can’t happen. I am planning out my week as we speak. Can’t wait to see what I accomplish, if anything. As we all know, life takes unexpected turns ALL the time.

Meanwhile, I am a little sad because my brother is moving away. This upcoming Wednesday he is going to Las Vegas. This is so sad for me honestly. We got extremely close this past year and I appreciate and love him so much. Him moving away and my best friend moving away to Pennsylvania soon is definitely making me consider leaving California. Honestly, I love Cali and I was born and raised here, but it is just SO expensive. Like I really can’t imagine living comfortably when I move out. I feel like I will always be in “the struggle” or have to rent a room with strangers. I would reach out to my friends, but I honestly don’t want to deal with the possibility of ruining a friendship. I don’t know where I’m going to end up.

Sometimes I feel like I am going to live at home forever. My Dad gave me a speech today about how he and my mom want me to keep living at home. I mean, personally I want to stay at home to save money and be spoiled like I am, but sometimes… well most of the time, I feel like a caged bird. At 24 years of age I shouldn’t be questioned about where I am going, decisions I am making and what I am spending money 0n. Although I appreciate my parents love for me, I just want freedom. I feel like I would rather live check to check and struggle than stay home and deal with feeling like I am 15. 

I knew it would be an adjustment moving back home after living on my own for five years but sheesh, I forgot how overprotective my mom is. It irritates me that I can’t just walk out the house and live the normal unquestionable life of a 24 year old single woman. But let me stop complaining, because I am EXTREMELY grateful to have both my parents alive and in my life. This too shall pass.


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