I Never Thought I’d Be in Pain Every Single Day

  August has been an extremely stressful month for me. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before in any of my blogs, but two years ago I started dealing with carpal tunnel. Going to work eight hours a day, then going home being on my laptop for six more hours PLUS the amount of… Continue reading I Never Thought I’d Be in Pain Every Single Day

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Love Woes…

  Have you ever been scared to lose yourself in someone? I know we all have an image to protect so maybe you won’t admit it out loud but I will. I am honestly scared to lose myself in someone because I know what the outcome can be. The feeling of being left that vulnerable… Continue reading Love Woes…

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“Tainted Soil”: By Vontress Renae’

I'm so excited to announce that my Newest Book will be released on August 9th. When I say my blood , sweat, and real tears went into this ! LAWD knows how difficult writing this was for me! Having a new baby, going through the motions and past hurts resurfacing in weird ways it took… Continue reading “Tainted Soil”: By Vontress Renae’

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Childhood Trauma “Part I”

Wow, I haven’t wrote a legit paper since college so bare with me! However, I continuously write poetry about love, lust, sex, racial issues, women’s empowerment, etcetera. Today we are going to focus on childhood traumas specifically in the black community. It’s a touchy subject that many black people know all to well in our… Continue reading Childhood Trauma “Part I”

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Bitch, I’m Not Bitter… I’m Frustrated

Baby Mama - noun Slang: Often Disparaging and Offensive. ¹the biological mother of a man's child, not married to the child's father and usually not in a relationship with him.   The minute someone finds out you have a child the stereotypes start flooding the place. You're no longer looked at as a MOTHER but a Baby Mama; The woman who can't seem to let go of her baby daddy. The woman who's always angry because… Continue reading Bitch, I’m Not Bitter… I’m Frustrated

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Splinters in my hands from opening the door so much. Letting you back in is a mistake I like choosing. It never matters how much my finger tips bleed in agony. Sharp pieces cutting at the palms of my hands as I slam it shut. My tears haven't dried yet. Footsteps creeping back upstairs to… Continue reading Splinters

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How Birth Control Changed My Life

Birth control has become so widely available for women, and it has been used not only to prevent pregnancy, but as an antidepressant, acne treatment, to help lessen period cramps or bleeding, and probably a ton of other things I don't know about. I've used almost every birth control under the sun: the pill, the… Continue reading How Birth Control Changed My Life

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My eyes are tired from wrestling with my dreams at night, my body's weary from fighting all the demons creeping their way inside. My soul, it's wounded from all the secrets I know, but I can't give up now, I gotta go with the flow. My mind is racing with thoughts of all my struggle… Continue reading Flow

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Pick Me

I've fallen into something deeper than I intended, a situation-ship that didn't have limits or boundaries. A silent agreement between us that kept me on my toes, a deep like and bond that no one else knows. We, existed together on nights when I couldn't bare to be alone. On days when we didn't schedule… Continue reading Pick Me

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The She Series – “Love You More”

Hello and welcome back to The She Series! I want to thank you all for continuing to come back and read about my heartbreaks, drama and old love. If you're a newcomer I'll be taking you on a journey through my poetry books, The Diary of She - Vol. I and II. Now let's get… Continue reading The She Series – “Love You More”