Where Do We Go From Here?

Photo by Idiosyncratic.I via Pexels.com

Sometimes I wonder why we even enter relationships; why be with someone we never truly know? Why tell them our secrets, make love to them, and eventually give our hearts without the guarantee of security? Where does this urge come from and what do we do when it all comes to an end?

Breaking up is never easy when you truly love someone, when you are genuine or when you know that you gave 100% and it still was not enough. Now I know that things don’t work out and most of the time it’s for the best. So we can learn something and take it with us for the rest of our lives, so we can teach someone something they never knew or simply to love in a moment of solace. 

But why is it that the person who loved without fear or condition is the one that hurts the most and never the person who could have done better, or gave more? I don’t understand the concept of hurting what’s pure or damaging someone’s image of love when it’s not necessary. 

The end brings pain, it shows the side of a person that you never really knew, and it shows someone’s true intentions from day one. And I always ask myself:




Where do we take our hurt when all we want to do is talk to the person we have been so comfortable with for so long, or where do we take our anger to? After we have had our time wasted by someone who was never truly invested. Where do all the memories that meant so much go? The truth is they never leave, that hurt is dealt with, the tears eventually dry, and the pain goes away.

We only go forward, we keep living, learning, and THEN it hits us. The universe removed “me “from what was no longer fit for ME. We go and create dreams out of understanding, we pray more, we laugh, and we spend time getting to know ourselves all over again. Most of all we learn to love again because we know now what was not right for us and take in the blessings of something new.

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi via Pexels.com

Break ups were the most devastating thing to me when I was younger but as I have grown I find it as a mini blessing. Knowing that something that only meant harm, or would take the best parts of me is gone. It has shown me that you can be the best person to someone and they can still not understand how to love you because they don’t love themselves. BUT in separation you give them an opportunity to take what you have taught them and be better for themselves. 


So where do we go from here ? UP !!!


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