The Psychology of a Black Woman

Psych-of-BW-picThe Psychology of a Black Woman 

Similar to a Blackbird except there doesn’t seem to be a term for me anymore

Like this world’s denial of my history and its insistence on progression has filled all the space

Including the small corner where I once sought comfort 

It was familiar 

At least there they knew what to call me 

And I knew what to expect

But this part?

This part 

When we pretend that we all stand for the same thing on January 20th

When #timesup ignores the Whiteness that fueled this step

My familiar corner becomes 

It is taken away 

It is no longer mine 

Because now it is theirs

Like so many of the things that have provided me with comfort 

I dare not ask for help with replacing what I have lost 

Who I have lost 

They say I’m poised 



I feel everything 

Inside and out 

I feel everything 

The weight I carry is not mine alone 

It is his 



I raise my voice to reveal my pain 

My joy 

When I cry you look away 

My smile receives no reciprocity 

And my anger is expected 


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