Love, the verb

Call this a song, a poem. Just be sure to put love in front.  You’ve been with me through all my different hairstyles  I still remember when I made sure to wear mascara whenever we were together  Then I stopped  You didn’t notice the difference  Thirteen years later and I’m so thankful that smile is … More Love, the verb

Unsolicited Stories

It was her face. Her eyes to be exact. Kind and honest is what they called them. Private moments spilled when they made contact with another’s. At the market, walking down the street, checking the mail. James said, “You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then … More Unsolicited Stories

Why We Use Starch

Young Black Girl To her father Young Black Girl: Is that how it’s supposed to look?   Black Father: What?  Young Black Girl: Our clothes. That’s why we use starch. So they can look like his. She points to a White man rigidly walking down Grand Ave., almost robotically, in his crisp white collared shirt.

If No One Knew Me

Because if I fail, no one knows me here She said as she explained her urge to leave this soil filled with our ancestors The commodified ones It would probably hurt less too  Her leaving  Wherever she went would hurt less than here  The moans under her feet would no longer sound familiar  The branches … More If No One Knew Me

Learned Behavior

I’m uncomfortable in your bed I’m uncomfortable in your car  And though I noticed when your eyes betrayed you They are mostly loyal And that uncertainty  Of when they will be kind to me Leaves me Quiet  Seemingly composed  Trying to be pretty