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Love, the verb

Call this a song, a poem. Just be sure to put love in front.  You’ve been with me through all my different hairstyles  I still remember when I made sure to wear mascara whenever we were together  Then I stopped  You didn’t notice the difference  Thirteen years later and I’m so thankful that smile is… Continue reading Love, the verb

My Life Be Like

Unsolicited Stories

It was her face. Her eyes to be exact. Kind and honest is what they called them. Private moments spilled when they made contact with another’s. At the market, walking down the street, checking the mail. James said, “You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then… Continue reading Unsolicited Stories

My Life Be Like

The Psychology of a Black Woman

The Psychology of a Black Woman  Similar to a Blackbird except there doesn’t seem to be a term for me anymore Like this world’s denial of my history and its insistence on progression has filled all the space Including the small corner where I once sought comfort  It was familiar  At least there they knew… Continue reading The Psychology of a Black Woman

My Life Be Like

A Letter to the Women I Love

Dear Reader,  Black women, you were my motivation to begin writing this letter. You were my inspiration to complete it after many attempts to find the words to convey the depth of my love and concern for our communities. I have struggled to write this for over a year after completing my dissertation, which is… Continue reading A Letter to the Women I Love