Wonderland: Part 3 – What’s Going On?

Lacey Wonderland

“Where am I?” said Brian.

It seemed like he was in a parallel universe of sorts. He was with Lacey instead of Charlotte, but Charlotte still had the same attitude she’s had the entire time he has known here. And doing yardwork for his own business? That was hardly what he envisioned himself doing. But here he was, in this reality that he wasn’t in the insurance business and the woman that he just saw almost 24 hours ago was his wife now.

Brian was just sitting there outside of Charlotte’s house perplexed and trying to figure things out in this strange world when his phone rang. It was Lacey on the other end.

“How did it your assignment go?”

“Well, not so good.”


“Well, you will never guess who is the owner of this house I got an assignment for. Charlotte.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes and she is just as mean as ever. She shorted me money today and said it was payback for me choosing you over here.”

“Well, you made the right choice.” Lacey said with a smile on the other end.

“Brian, I have to work late. Big project. I will eat while I am out.”

“Okay. I will see you later.”

After he hung up, Brian still felt weird knowing that Lacey was his wife and not Charlotte, but he was warming up to it. Lacey seemed to be the same woman he was around in college. And seeing Charlotte, although he loved her, made him feel relieved he was not in that nightmare anymore. As Brian drove home, he began to think on what the positives were of this new world he was in.

As Lacey hung up, she thought about Charlotte and that moment in time again. The moment where she got the man she wanted the entire time. And while she thought about it, she thought about what she was about to do for the man she was married to and the man she loved. Charlotte was a PR person in Atlanta and she knew everyone from all walks of life. But on this evening, she was interested in a particular person she needed to speak to.

“I need to get to Bobby Porter.”

Mr. Porter was one of the richest men in Atlanta. He owned a few businesses and buildings along with running a non-profit.  Bobby also was one of the most ruthless businessmen behind closed doors that anyone knew. And while he was smiling in everyone’s face, he was doing a few things no one knew about that would ruin him if they were brought to the public eye.

Lacey knew Mr. Porter from a charity event she was hired to do PR for with his non-profit. He was charming when she met him that night.

“You must be Lacey. They told me you were smart and good at what you do, but they didn’t tell me you were this beautiful.”

Of course Billy was saying these things while his wife Charlotte was not around and once Charlotte returned, he was back to acting like a saint.

Lacey was disgusted by Billy’s actions, but she was not disgusted by how he looked. He was tall, dark-skinned man who was very charming and had a smile that drew anyone in.

“We will talk later,” said Billy in that moment.

Talking later ended up being later that night after everyone had left the event. Billy and Lacey were having a conversation about the event and Billy was thanking her when he came out of left field with a proposition to Lacey.

“Lacey, I have been eyeing you since earlier tonight. Here is the address. Meet me there. ”

Lacey initially turned down the offer, but she was seduced with the business Billy could bring.

“I will meet you, but there will be no funny stuff. I am happily married. And I will not be cheating on my husband tonight.”

Lacey met Billy over at the undisclosed location, wearing the stunning Black dress that outlined her voluptous frame. As soon as she opened the door, there was Billy sitting at a table with drinks ready for he and Lacey.

“Take a seat. Let’s talk business. I don’t like talking business in the open. Here. Take a drink.”

Lacey took a drink and Billy and Lacey talked. As they continued to talk, Lacey felt faint and the next thing she remembered was waking up next to Billy in bed.

“You were great Lacey.”

“I was what???” said a horrified Lacey.

She looked down to see she was naked and she knew it had happened: she had sex with Billy.

Lacey began to cry. She had did something she regretted.

“Well, we can keep this our little secret. I won’t tell anyone, but you better not tell anyone about this or it may be the last you are heard of.”

Lacey nodded in agreeance with Billy. She didn’t want to rock the boat anymore than she already had with her actions.

“Oh and Lacey, anytime I call you, you will meet me here. Or else I will tell your husband. Brian is his name right? I own you now.”

From that moment on, Lacey and Billy would continue to hook up upon Billy’s request. As time went on and as Billy would provide her more business, Lacey would learn more about the shady side of Billy’s operation. She began to gather more and more information and found out that Billy was not only a businessman but a drug dealer. And his drugs are what fueled his business ventures, purchasing up property after property in Atlanta.

The calls from Billy slowed down over time, but Lacey still had the information on hand and could use it when she needed it. Times were getting tough with her business and Brian’s money was needed with her business at this time. Bills were stacking up. So with her back against the wall, she called Billy.

“Hey Billy, I need you to pay the rest of the money owed to Brian, my husband. He did your yardwork and your wife shorted him.”

“I’m not taking care of anything Lacey. That’s your problem. He should have never took the short money.”

You don’t understand. We need the money.”

“Not my problem.”

“Well, I am sure the papers would love to hear how you fund your business ventures.”

“What are you talking about Lacey?”

“Drug dealer to the city and businessman all in one.”

Billy knew that type of information could ruin him and wanted to make sure it didn’t get out. He knew Lacey had him in a corner with nowhere to go.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I’m going to have my husband meet your wife. You’re going to have your wife give him the money owed right then and there. Everybody gets what they want.”

“Fine. But you better tread lightly Lacey. That kind of information can get you killed.”

Lacey ended the call. She stayed at work a little later that night and then headed home.

“How was work?”

“It was fine Brian. Can we just go to bed tonight?”

“Okay. Well Lacey, my memory was hazy and I wanted to ask you about what happened the night me, you and Charlotte were in the same vicinity.”

“You don’t want to know Brian.”

Yes I do.”

“No. You do not and I prefer that we not talk about that night again.”

Lacey got noticeably frustrated when talking about that night and she stomped off to the bedroom before Brian got to tell her another bit of news.

“Hey Lacey. We had some package sitting on the doorstep earlier tonight before you got home. I have no idea where it came from. It said it was to both of us. Do you want me to open it?”


Brian opened the package and he could not believe his eyes.

“Lacey! We need to talk!!!!”






2 thoughts on “Wonderland: Part 3 – What’s Going On?

  1. UGH I have so many questions . So are Lacey and Charlotte both in PR, did Billy take some photos of Lacey without her knowledge. I’M HOOKED again !


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