Reckless Behavior Assistant Director Imani Baylor is Cast as Nicolette


BAY AREA, CA- Imani Baylor is the Assistant Director and Executive Producer of Reckless Behavior The Series (RBTS). In addition, she will play the role of Nicolette Martin, the practical and business oriented best friend of Michaela Holloway.

Baylor considers herself a behind the scenes person so its no surprise that Nicolette is her first role besides a few school plays. She joined the cast of Reckless Behavior to support Michaela Shelton, the creator of the new digital series who is also her business partner and close friend. Outside of her work for RBTS, Baylor is an entrepreneur and case manager. She own 3 businesses: Eccentric Vibes, a small online boutique, a youth service independent contracting company called The I.M.A.N.I Project, and Queen Media Collective, the production company and brand behind RBTS.

Regarding her role as Nicolette, Baylor explained:

“This role is the total opposite of what my personality is. The viewers can look
forward to me getting out of my comfort zone and stepping out into the acting world.”

Baylor is from Southern California, a small town named Rialto in the Inland Empire. It is a little city in a part of the biggest county in the US, which is San Bernadino. In her spare time, Baylor likes to design and craft, and read and write curriculum for youth. She enjoys nature so she frequently partakes in outdoor activities such as horseback riding and hiking. Baylor is also a huge television fanatic who watches Hulu, Netflix, reality tv, and 90s-2000s sitcoms on a daily.

To stay updated on Reckless Behavior The Series and for all the behind the scenes moments prior to the show’s release in January 2020, make sure you follow @Queenmediacollective and Imani Baylor @eccentric_vibes_online on Instagram.



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