Female Liquid Gold: Squirting 101

Squirting; the term that is interchangeable, debated, and often taboo. Some sexual partners encourage it, while others cringe at the thought of the liquid. The art of squirting has become a standard conversation piece in talks about sex. Many questions, varying answers, and curiosity surround the topic. 

My first experience with squirting was in college. The girl that I experimented with on weekends was the first to open my geyser. The sensation and pressure of this “new liquid” wasn’t something I was familiar with experiencing. She assured me it was normal, and I relaxed my body to release the arousing pleasure I felt. I had little knowledge of what I had done. However, each time I engaged in sexual activity, the same sensation happened for me. The feeling of embarrassment never escaped my head each time either. I decided to educate myself on my body and did some much-needed research. Here are a few myths about the female liquid gold, aka squirting. 

Breaking the Myth

  1. Squirt is urine. According to sites such as WebMD, squirt isn’t urine but a form of liquid from the bladder. It may contain small traces of urine but is colorless and odorless in smell. 
  2. Every woman can squirt. Depending on the anatomy of a woman and her partner of choice, squirting is possible. However, every woman can’t squirt despite arousal gels, adult toys, or positioning during sex. (TIP: Remember relaxing your body is essential if you decide to try. Also, knowing your body’s response to stimulation is critical; take time to engage in “self-love” practices.)
  3. Squirting doesn’t mean orgasm. The expulsion of squirt isn’t an indicator of an orgasm, but it does indicate arousal. A woman can squirt before, after, or during an orgasm. It can also happen from clitoral stimulation and penetration. Make sure to ask your partner before assuming they’ve been equally pleasured. Keep a mental note that squirt can be a trickle, a puddle, or gushing/projectile similar to a geyser or fire hydrant. 
  4. Squirting is better in the XYZ position. Honestly, it again depends on the anatomy of both partners. The girth and length of your partner play a role. Although, certain positions may make it easier to squirt. My advice is to try Missionary or Cowgirl when first dabbling in the art of squirting.

As you prepare for your upcoming sneaky link, entanglement, or energy exchange, please rest assured that female liquid gold is common during sex. Do not allow the feelings of embarrassment, confusion, or frustration to take away from your sexual experience. So lay down your towel, get your change of sheets, and enjoy the wave–figuratively and literally. 


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