Donate to Reckless Behavior: The Series Season 2 Campaign

My name is Michaela P. Shelton and I am the creator of a digital series called Reckless Behavior: The Series. The show tells the story of a post college black millennial and aspiring writer, who navigates through life attempting to find herself and avoid reckless behavior. It is loosely based on my life and its purpose is to create something millennials can relate to that also showcases the beauty and culture of the Bay Area. I am passionate about black storytelling, because I feel that it is important that our voices are heard and our stories are accurately told.

Although it is very uncomfortable for me to request help, I am aware that I must put my pride aside, because it takes a village. After digging myself into debt, working seven days a week and doing various freelance projects to gain extra income, I now realize that I can no longer solely depend on myself to fully fund my projects. 

Through my web series, I have given opportunities to aspiring actors, up and coming musical artists and promoted a number of black owned businesses. In addition, Reckless Behavior: The Series has been mentioned on popular Bay Area radio station 106.1 KMEL, it has been featured on many blogs and podcasts and it has been selected for viewing at the 2020 Pan African Film and Arts Festival, the largest and most prestigious black film festival in America.

If you want to support a young Black woman who is passionate about creating content for us and by us, please donate anything you can. I want to continue this filmmaking journey, but I need your help.

Here is a link to season 1 episodes:


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