Dreams Money Can’t Buy

Society would have us believe that happiness comes once you’re in a higher tax bracket. It also has us believe that success is something earned. We spend most of our lives envisioning how our version of success will look. Yet, we never consider the feeling of it. Money gives us access to tangible pleasures, but deprives our spirit of the essentials. I know a few people that have spent their youth chasing the “American Dream.” Only to end up just as lonely as when they started. Money can buy a few things, but it cannot provide peace or happiness. If it could, why do we feel so lost without it?

Lauryn Hill was right, “How are you going to win if you ain’t right within?” The truth is happiness doesn’t come until you know yourself. Happiness isn’t something found, its something we create from our core. Genuine happiness isn’t tied to materialistic wealth. The other truth is, success comes the moment you don’t need materialistic things to validate you as a person. All these things that money can buy; yet, some people still live in misery. Take away the tangible items, and you’ll see some people are holding on by a thread. Your value isn’t measured by your “contents”, but by your “content” of character.

We treasure a few things in life, but few ever realize that they are the treasure. We are our own source of happiness and peace. You need peace within you to find the peace in the world around you. So many individuals are walking around with full pockets, yet living in distress. We mistakenly confuse our financial security for peace of mind. No amount of money will fill voids, fix character flaws, or heal childhood trauma. Just like we’re committed to our bag, we need to commit to our spiritual and mental well-being. We need to commit to being at peace, not in pieces. We need to commit to spiritual happiness, not happy for the moment. Spiritual wealth is bigger than a dollar amount.






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