The Comeback: Getting Ready to Set it OFF!


Okay, so is it just me or did the beginning of this year come in with a bang? Whether it was good for some of us or bad for others, the year 2019 came into the game wanting to make a statement! But the question is; what exactly is that statement? What are the blessings and hardships trying to communicate to us? I’d like to share my answer with all of you Kings and Queens; Keep. Pushing. FORWARD!

Yes, I said what I said. You have to keep it moving! A lot of times we tend to become either discouraged when things go awry, or complacent when things are where we want them to be. We invest a lot of time, effort, and dedication into the endeavors we choose to entertain, be it a business venture, a relationship, or a lesson we’re trying to learn. Because of this, the feeling of failure or success can take a big toll on… well, anyone! That being said though, I’m telling you that no matter what; never become stagnated. Don’t stop going for gold, and don’t stop trying to improve your circumstances. Your current situation DOES NOT define your future destination, and when you allow the circumstances of your situation to overtake you, you can lose control of your motivations and your outcomes.

For my folks that had a great start to 2019, keep up the momentum. Don’t allow yourself to get too comfortable once something amazing happens. Ensure that the greatness you are experiencing is consistent, and not a momentary blessing. It’s more than getting to a high point on a hill; you have to maintain the ascension to get to the top. It’s okay to celebrate a milestone, but make sure that the celebration does not make you forget about the fact that you have to keep on going. Remember that life has a way of taking us through highs AND lows, so make sure that if (or when) you are headed into a low that you have the means to get through it triumphantly. Not because you have everything under control, but because you prepared for it.

For my folks that had a rough start to 2019, trust me; it’ll be okay. When you are at the lowest point, there is no other way to go but up! You just have to stay focused on the silver lining, no matter how small it may be. The glass can be half empty, or half full; it just depends on your viewpoint. You have to remember that you are BIGGER than your circumstance, and that the person who has the ultimate power to change those circumstances is YOU. Don’t be too proud to ask for help, and don’t allow your disappointment to distract you. Use that disappointment as motivation to elevate yourself. Failure is NOT a means to an end; it is a form of redirection. It is there to let you know that you either need to try a different route, or recalculate the routes’ trail.

We still have over half of this year left, which means YOU have over half of this year left to make your COMEBACK! Don’t let the beginning of the year prevent you from having an amazing end of the year! I encourage you to tap into that spiritual strength that our ancestors left us, and use it to fuel your rise to the top; where you deserve to be! You have more power than you give yourself credit for, and you owe it to yourself to tap into it.

I love you guys, and I can’t wait to see you all WIN!


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