Should of Took My Time…

I have never really been the type of person to take my time. From dating, to buying a car, to buying clothes, I've always kind of just picked something and ran with it. I've never been the type to do research and make sure I'm getting the best deal or that the product I'm buying… Continue reading Should of Took My Time…

My Life Be Like

The Comeback: Getting Ready to Set it OFF!

Okay, so is it just me or did the beginning of this year come in with a bang? Whether it was good for some of us or bad for others, the year 2019 came into the game wanting to make a statement! But the question is; what exactly is that statement? What are the blessings… Continue reading The Comeback: Getting Ready to Set it OFF!


The Big Chop #IAmNotMyHair #TBT 

Six years ago when I was a senior in high school I made the decision to do the big chop. My hair was extremely uneven and damaged from years of perms and chemicals. When my hair stylist suggested I cut my hair off I was terrified. However, looking in the mirror after removing my extensions… Continue reading The Big Chop #IAmNotMyHair #TBT