Misha’s Room Episode 5: Love Changes

IMG_7224Hey everybody!! Welcome back to Misha’s Room! I know it hasn’t been as long as usual, but that’s a good thing right? LOL. Because I’m a self identified love poet, I made it my mission to hit y’all with FOUR different love poems this month. I hope you enjoy them! Also, let me know how y’all feel about new episodes every week…I might make that a regular thing if I get enough positive feedback 🙂

This episode digs into my poem Love Changes. Ever too often people get “stuck” in relationships. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know when I was in that position, I felt obligated to stay. I thought that if I walked away it would go down as a failed relationship, thus proving that all the hating ass people rooting against us were right. Nobody wants that. The title perfectly describes this piece because just like life, LOVE CHANGES TOO. I don’t believe that love dies when you break up, but instead it evolves into a different form…Baby it’s levels to this shit LOL. Also, it’s important to acknowledge the contributions a person made to help you blossom into who you are today. I appreciate every person I’ve ever loved BECAUSE if it weren’t for the lessons I learned as a result of those encounters, who knows the woman I would’ve grown into. I love them for helping me identify my toxic traits, my worth, and teaching me how to value the next person. It’s a tough reality to face, but once you get past those initial bitter feelings of heartbreak you can see the value in growing apart without burning every bridge. With that being said, make yourself at home. Hit me up for copy of Silver Games! Click the link to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or to listen on SoundCloud. Thanks for kicking it with me!


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