Graduating into a new atmosphere of success, we’ve trained our minds to evaluate past the glass ceiling. How do you expect me to accept less than what I’ve worked for? Please! give me a reason to hold on to false hope and promises when I’ve worked tirelessly to enjoy the fruits of labor that … More Transition

I Did It… Again

It was Saturday morning. I had just woke up and the first thing on my mind was my job. I couldn’t even enjoy my weekend, because I was dreading going into my job and punching in at 7:45 in two days. I had been bothered for a few weeks which you know if read my … More I Did It… Again

Monetizing Off of my Hobbies – Can I Keep Anything for Myself?

Everyday, I wake up with a million ideas and thoughts flowing through my head, with too many to write down. I have many hobbies that include plant life, baking, crafting, art, and some slight tinkering. These hobbies are things I enjoy doing in my free time, for no financial gain. Unfortunately, most of the time … More Monetizing Off of my Hobbies – Can I Keep Anything for Myself?

Employed AF

It’s crazy how life can change so quickly. As of last Monday, I officially have a new job! I was starting to panic seeing that it was almost December and I had officially been unemployed for two months, but I continued to apply and got offered a position at an attic insulation company. At first … More Employed AF

Living in My Nissan

When I quit my job, I really didn’t take my living situation into consideration. I have been renting a room in a three bedroom house in Hayward,CA. since January. However, it has been a very rocky road, because me and my roommates have had a plethora of issues and disagreements. It got to the point … More Living in My Nissan