The Facade

the facade 2

I want it all
The fame, the love, the money
But is it all worth it?
Will I want more?
Will I become a media whore?
Wanting every woman that looks my way?
Or can I stay focused and be a king in women’s eyes like Denzel Washington, only with one woman
Will the money change me?
Or will it make me more of what I am?
The mirrors become harder to see in because I don’t see myself anymore
I see new things, new lights and new avenues for me to get in
Yeah. You broke folks wouldn’t understand
When I walk in a room, access to everything is granted
Drugs, women, and anything I want
Yeah. I do want to flaunt it all over
But then again can my heart take this all?
Is it built for this?
Falling in love with different women with each kiss.
But when they’re not with me, I’m jealous as hell
Hoping whoever they’re with will fail
The money got me riding in big time rides
All the time the big ride hides my insecurities
You see; the money, fame and women cannot cure what’s going on mentally with me
Until I handle that, there will be no triumph, no victory, no enjoying of life
All I will have is a colorful version of life strife
Mixed with the illusion that I’m living the charmed existence
Is this really what you want?
I just want to be happy.
Enjoying me first and then others
Loving yourself is a daily battle to have
And if you aren’t having it then you’re losing at life
Not matter how much you have financially,
So open your eyes to see
There’s much more to life than the fluency
You can be physically rich but emotionally poor
Living in a world that thinks you’re healthy and strong
But your mentally flatlining all along
No pulse. He gone


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