Devin Cunningham is the Inspirational Mentor in Reckless Behavior


BAY AREA, CA— East Oakland native Devin Cunningham will play Jeremiah Brooks, the inspirational and religious mentor of Michaela Holloway in Reckless Behavior The Series. Cunningham recently worked with Pear Theatre in Mountain View on Lynn Nottage’s Sweat. He described the experience as a fun and intense play to work on. Earlier this year, he worked with African-American Shakespeare Company on their production of Leslie Lee’s Black Eagles. It was a privilege for Cunningham to honor the Tuskeegee Airman through this work. He labeled it as one of his favorite projects he’s worked on outside of Reckless Behavior. 

Cunningham was inspired to act from watching red carpets as a kid. When he was about 7 or 8, he would watch award shows and see how beautiful and elegant the men and women were and from that he concluded that he wanted to be an actor. In elementary school he participated in the same play every year, the Joy Story. In 7th grade he got the lead and it was everything to him. According to Cunningham “I didn’t pick up acting again until I was 18 at Chabot College and discovered there that this was the career path I wanted to take for my life. It felt like the right choice then and hasn’t felt wrong since.”

Regarding his role as Jeremiah, Cunningham said,

 “I would say that Jeremiah is Michaela’s somewhat level headed friend. He has some stuff going on in his personal life but for Michaela, he is a consistent friend who offers honest and sincere advice. I hope the writers keep him around. There’s some more life to Jeremiah that I would love keep exploring.”

In addition to acting, Cunningham works full-time at a hotel in San Francisco’s Financial District. Working at a hotel affords him the opportunity to connect with many different personalities and come in contact with various cultures. The networking contributes to his main goal and passion in life which is acting. 

In his spare time, one thing Cunningham enjoys is finding new music. He often will get lost in a “suggested new artist” or “artist like this” section. A fun fact is that Cunningham used to work in a record store so music is always something fun for him to discover. In addition he enjoys reading, writing, singing and gaining inspiration from other creatives.

To stay updated on Reckless Behavior The Series and for all the behind the scenes moments prior to the show’s release in January 2020, make sure you follow @Queenmediacollective and Devin Cunningham @Devinnadriann on Instagram.




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