Inspiration For Tamika

When I graduated from college, I decided to move back in with my parents. I thought it was the best decision, but after clashing with my mother constantly, I decided it was time to move back out. I found a three bedroom house that the landlords were renting out per room and I decided to hop on it. The landlords moved me in solo and continued to look for two other tenants. However, they were being extremely picky.

I ended up posting on social media asking if anyone was looking for a place and someone I was familiar with ended up responding. I was excited to live with her, because she seemed really awesome from a distance. But I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into.

My roommate ended up being the worse roommate ever. She was inconsiderate, obnoxious and very self absorbed. I was very surprised, because she was a few years older than me and my roommates in college weren’t even this bad! I started to count the days until our lease was up, because I couldn’t stand being in such an uncomfortable situation. It got to the point to where me and my other roommate would stay in our bedrooms when she was home to avoid awkward interactions. We even tried to get the landlord involved, but because this was all personal, he pretty much stayed out of our disputes.

I am now in a much better living situation and I am much happier. I still wish that I could afford to live alone, but I have accepted that the cost of living is expensive and that is not happening anytime soon. I wanted to create the character Tamika, because I know there are other millennials who have experienced living with a roommate from hell, but had no choice but to endure it.


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