Sex Isn’t Only For The Bedroom

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It was the Summer of 09′ I had just turned 19 and had to return home from college for the summer. Who knew I’d end up meeting a boy 2-years younger than me that taught me more about sex in 3 months than I’d ever known since I had lost my virginity at 16? Shit more than any guy in college had taught me? I didn’t, but it was a summer to remember and whenever I hear Pleasure P I think about all the pleasure I got, outside of the bedroom.

I sit back and watch all these shows about high school kids and I always ask myself, how in the hell are they finding all this time to have sex? They damn sure weren’t waiting for their parents to be away from home all the time and from experience, the whole trying to sneak someone in the house gets exhausting. But then it dawned on me, that’s when outside play turns into some real kinky shit. You get creative and find somewhere to get it on and that’s exactly what me and (I’ll call him Trey) did.

I’m not even sure how we came to be but the attraction was instant. There wasn’t a part of me that didn’t want him near me. I was drawn to him and the moment he looked at me that Amerie song, “Talkin’ To Me” came to life. The first place we ever had sex was inside a small ass closet of an abandoned apartment while his friends ran around doing what immature teenagers do. Don’t even ask how that happened because I couldn’t tell you. I was under some kind of spell, clearly. From there it got way more adventurous; Public bathrooms, cars (mine since he didn’t drive yet), laundry rooms in the middle of the night while security rode by, and the side of houses while people partied inside. We even had sex outside on the the side of a damn church. Whole time I thought to myself, Lord don’t strike me down while I’m having the time of my life.

For a long time after dealing with him sex was never really the same. I wasn’t very experienced and being with this 17-year-old was the most I had ever had sex and because it wasn’t some boring sex that always happened in a bedroom my expectations for other men were a bit high. It wasn’t that it was the greatest, although good, but it was the excitement of it all.

There is this thrill that comes with having sex outside of the bedroom. You have to let your insecurities go and let your mind free. There’s always that chance that you may get caught, which is actually a turn on as scary as it might seem. It’s like a game, “Can you cum before we get caught?”

I’m going to give you all a list of places to start your adventure outside the bedroom and no it doesn’t always have to be outside, especially if you’re new to the game you’ll want to start off by doing something simple. So to start off my number one on the list is….

1. In Your Home (Living Room) W/ Blinds Wide Open

If you’re new to the game but looking to spark up your sex life I say start around the house. Open the blinds in your living room or bedroom and get it popping right in front of the window. You’re still in the comfort of your home but there is that chance the neighbors are watching. You may even give them an idea.

2. The Balcony (or Backyard if you don’t have one)

Once you get pass the stage of bearing it all in front of the window take a step out onto the balcony (or backyard) especially on a late night. I’ve had the chance to experience this a few times, same balcony and I enjoyed it. Things can get hot and heavy especially if you’ve been drinking, so feeling that cool breeze on your naked body, while looking at the city lights is refreshing and somewhat romantic.

3. The Car

The car used to be fun for me not so much anymore especially since I’m not all skin & bones. A bish needs room. I haven’t had sensational car sex since my 26th birthday and the only reason I remember that was because I was drunk, horny as hell, and so eager to see the guy I was talking to at the time. We parked in a few lots over from where he lived and I gave him the business until he tapped out. Now the only thing about car sex is it can be tricky to find a place to park so if you aren’t as bold as I am (I only say this because I’ve had sex in a car on a busy street while it was bright as hell outside) it may get frustrating and by time you do find a place to park you may not even be into it anymore. If you have time try making your way to a spot that over looks the city on a late night. There will be people around but they most likely came to partake in the same activities.

4. The Beach

I’ve tried this out as well. Wish it were at night and I had a bigger cover but it wasn’t as bad as I thought but definitely not as romantic as I thought it would be. It was kinda like a, hey lets get this off our bucket list thing. It was pretty secluded at the time we went and although it was during the day I had a magnificent view as we “spooned”.

Here’s a tip: Turn it into a date. Have a late night picnic on the beach and then watch the magic happen.

5. A Public Bathroom

If you’re into that kinda thing head into a bathroom. Some people like a nice quickie in a filthy environment. Me, not so much but I’ve done it all while making sure I didn’t touch a thing. Needless to say that was quick and I probably wouldn’t do it again.

6. Elevator

I’ve seen it in the movies and figured it could be fun. You can always hit the emergency stop button or if you like living on the edge let it keep moving through those levels and just hope the door doesn’t open and there’s a group of kids standing there with their mouths wide open.

7. At The Workplace

Now this is where it gets fun and dangerous. Before you go getting it in all over the office you might want to learn everyone’s schedule including the cleaners as well as if there are any security cameras, which I’m sure most offices have. I can say this has also been crossed off the bucket list but not at my damn workplace. Won’t catch me getting fired. Now I was nervous at first but he was on a late night shift and I decided I’d go out of my way to go see him. I walked around the building, admired the decor while he walked each level to make sure the building was clear. We laid out a blanket on the couch in the lounge area and did what we do best. Before we started I was nervous because of the cameras but he assured me they didn’t work and thank goodness he was right because he might have been out of a job if they did who ever has that tape is a lucky bastard LOL.

8. The Movies

I’d prefer a drive-in but I guess that wouldn’t count since it’s still the car. Either way, I’ve only Netflix’d & Chilled

Tip: go to the very top or bottom. Wear a skirt or dress for easy access.

9. A Park

Clearly when it’s late as hell. I don’t advise this during the times children like to play. Now that’s just nasty.

10. A Sauna

Now this one I find interesting… only because sex already gets steamy enough now here you are risking the chance of overheating but also getting a really good sweat on (calories will definitely be burnt). If you’re like me and don’t have the luxury of being a millionaire you’ll have to try to find an empty sauna but don’t be a punk. Try it out!!

Well, there you have it a list of my nasty adventures and a few tips to make it work. Get out there and spice up your life, ASAP!!





One thought on “Sex Isn’t Only For The Bedroom

  1. I love having sex in unconventional places. As you said the excitement of maybe getting caught is a real turn on. My favorite place I’ve ever had sex was up against a tree in broad daylight in an industrial area near where I worked.
    My friend,who is getting into a new relationship after a crappy one told me how she couldn’t cum with her new boo even though the sex was incredible. I suggested public sex and the first time she tried it she exploded like a volcano. Great article!


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