How to Survive a Break Up

Hey everyone,

I had a great day today! I worked all day and now I am home relaxing. In the midst of it all, I am going to reveal how to survive a break up. Keep in mind that these are my personal methods and there’s no science behind any of it lol. However, I have been using these methods the last three weeks and they have helped me immensely so I wanted to share in case someone else is going through a similar situation. Here it goes:

How to Survive a Break Up (DaRealMichaela Edition)

  1. Eat, Eat, Eat!

    I have been eating any and everything I like- Panda Express (it is my FAVORITE), ice cream and candy. I will probably gain a little weight but that’s okay. It makes me feel better and will make you feel better too.

  2. Rebound

    After being in a relationship for however long you now have to adapt to being alone… or do you? lol. Rebounding is the WORSE thing to do… or so I thought. Check out this article from the Huffington Post:  Rebound Relationships Are Actually A Good Thing

  3. Friends and Family

    Your friends and family will ALWAYS have your back! Spend more time with them now that you are more available… the good company will help you heal faster and be happy.

  4. Cease all Communication

    I know some people break up and try to be friends… Nothing wrong with that, but there needs to be some time for everything to simmer down. In a couple months maybe try the friendship thing, but communicating after a fresh break up usually isn’t a good idea.

  5. Pray

    Pray to God that you get closure from the situation and that you can move on with your life in a healthy fashion.

    He will not suffer you to be tempted beyond that which ye are able to bear”        ~1 CORINTHIANS 10:13

  6. Make Money

    Pick up some extra hours at work or find a side hustle you like. Get your money up… more money= happiness haha not really, but if you stay busy less time to moop around.

  7. Music

    Listening to music always helps me regardless of the situation. I have been listening to songs like Irreplaceable and Miss Independent. These songs remind me that I will find someone better when the time is right and until then I can do bad all by myself. Music will have you feeling so good I swear.

  8. Alcohol

    I am suggesting alcohol, but this only applies to some people. If you are the emotional drunk DO NO, I REPEAT DO NOT DRINK AFTER A BREAK UP! When I drink, I get super social and happy, so that is why alcohol has been a coping mechanism for me. It has made me want to have fun. However, only certain people will get this effect. When I drink I am so happy that I forget my problems, but I know it will only make it worse for some. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

  9. Therapy

    Sometimes it is good to vent to a random person and get feedback. After all, that is therapists job to provide you with the best advice that is specific to you. Depending on the severity of the damage done from the break up, I do recommend seeking therapy. It doesn’t hurt.

  10. Change of Scenery

    I definitely have been hanging out and doing things in different cities. The temporary change of scenery naturally makes me feel better. Staying in a city or area that you were frequently at while in your relationship while only bring back memories that can trigger emotions. Go for a drive or road trip for a day!

  11. Write it Down

    Whether you are a blogger or not sometimes its good to just write everything out and get it out your system. Whether you post about it or throw the piece of paper away, it can help you feel better.

These are just a few suggestions I have for people going through a break up! Everyone is different and copes different, but I hope I could help someone in some way.

Being single is so foreign to me. Even though I was not in my relationship for that long, I feel like I have not been single in a long time. Being able to do what i want and not run it by anyone…I feel so free. At 23 years old single is exactly what I need to be. When you are in a relationship I feel like you are making decisions based on not only yourself, but someone else as well. I have turned down so many networking opportunities and event invitations, because of my relationship and now I can spread my wings.

The only thing is that now my standards are extremely high! I refuse to put up with anything from guys or anyone for that matter. I am usually the type to give people chances and chances, but now I know that when people show you who they are the first time you need to believe them. Listen to me from experience… do not let ANYONE take advantage of you or treat you any less than you deserve. It is better to be alone (friend wise and relationship wise) than put up with anyone’s BS.

My friends have been so super supportive! From showing up to my house with pizza, popping up unexpectedly and texting/ calling me to make sure everything is going okay, they have definitely helped me through this. I met with my friend Monday and she inspired me so much! We have similar interests and career goals so she literally explained to me her ideas and I told her mine. Being able to talk to people about the future is so refreshing. Some people have no goals, plans or motivation and I just do not understand. Even when I accomplish a goal, I always have a new one/ a couple new ones in the back of my mind. The grind should never stop and there is always room for improvement. I personally am hard on myself and I know that, but being around other driven individuals gives me life. Tomorrow I am going to a networking event and I am excited. After all, you never know who you might meet. Excited 🙂


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