Confessions of a 12th Grader

Where do I see myself in five years? That’s the question I was asked today. It is funny that I was asked this question a week after receiving a letter in the mail. The letter I received was from my 12th grade English Honors teacher. Seeing my teacher’s name on the return address brought tears to my eyes, because I had forgot I even wrote it. Our last assignment before graduating was to hand write ourselves a  letter basically explaining where we hope to be five years from now.

Statements from my letter:

  • I am planning to attend San Jose State to major in social work (that changed).
  • I hope I have no kids by now (accurate).
  •  I hope my Dad is retired by now, because he works hard and deserves to relax (hasn’t happened).
  • I hope Granny is still alive (she is 🙂 )
  • I hope I have the same friends (I do).
  • I hope I am in a stable relationship (I am ❤ )

I was happy to read that I talked about how I hope to be graduated with my bachelors by this time, in love and ready to get my Masters! I am exactly where I want to be in life five years later. Well according to my letter. Of course I have other goals I would like to have right now but I am happy about what I have accomplished nonetheless.






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