If it Isn’t Facebook Official, is it real? Questions in 2016

Hey everyone!

I always said that I would delete all my social medias once I got into a serious relationship. I haven’t done so, because the field I work in requires social media. However, I do feel like my life and relationship would be simpler without it.

Social media has made us all more aware and definitely made keeping in contact with people in our lives more convenient. Instead of calling or texting individuals individually, you can simply scroll through your timeline and get a summary of their entire life. However, I do believe social media can have a major impact on a relationship.

In 2016, if a relationship isn’t Facebook official it isn’t “real”. If a girlfriend isn’t her boyfriend’s WCW (Woman crush Wednesday) on social media, he is “cheating”. These are examples of irrelevant problems that are created in relationships, due to social media. Some people in relationships constantly create posts and post pictures of their relationship. Studies show that these relationships are usually the most dysfunctional ones. The people in the relationship are attempting to convince themselves and others that they have a perfect relationship, so they post constantly to provide reassurance.

Another thing is the whole concept of “likes.” A person likes a status or picture as a sign that they agree with the content, right? OR is it a way to get your attention. Someone liking 10 posts in a row will definitely get anyone’s attention People in relationships usually monitor who is a frequent liker of their significant other’s content. If someone has liked or commented too frequently suspicions start to rise and arguments commence.

Some people in relationships are not constantly on social media. Some people are more on the private side and do not want everyone in their business. I honestly feel like these relationships are healthier. Why? Because people know that the two people are together, but they do not constantly know what is going on. Sometimes less is good. Some of the people plotting to ruin relationships may do it , because they are constantly reminded of the relationship. We all know most of the time people like a challenge and want what they cant have. Bitter people will see someone happy and try to ruin it just because. So you tagging your significant other in post could just be bait for unwanted/unnecessary attention.

Someone posted on Facebook asking a question;”Would you delete your social media accounts to have a healthy relationship?” Someone responded by saying that social media has nothing to do with having a healthy relationship and it can only create a problem if the two people let it. Social media can only be a problem if you centralize your relationship around it. 

Social media has also been known to get people caught up. Some people act as private investigators and end up discovering things about their significant other they never knew. Like a whole nother woman/ man, family, job, you name it!I guess social media is good in this retrospect, because without it a lot of things would just go unknown. However, that is a whole nother discussion. Social media has many benefits and it is just up to us a people to use it for good not evil.

People post subliminal messages to get a reaction out of their significant other, but most of the time it is obvious and everyone reading can detect that something is not right. Once again social media negatively effects a relationship. People may get upset at one another, comment on the post (which everyone can see) or do something more drastic… unfriend them! Although Facebook does not notify when someone unfriends someone it does notify when people add each other as friends. Therefore, that once again alerts people that their is trouble in paradise causing the DM’s to flood with nosy “friends” and crushes. 

At the end of the day we all just need to be more mature and trust the person we are dating. Social media accounts can be a positive way for couples to display their love for each other and communicate… but only you control this.



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